How Many Male Gamers Choose To Play As A Female [MALE ONLY POLL OBVIOUSLY]

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How Many Male Gamers Choose To Play As A Female

Male 280 36.75%
Female 322 42.26%
Show me the results 160 21.00%

I generally play as a male simply because if it's a roleplaying game with a customisable character, I like to try and make it look like myself, although I'm not opposed to picking a female character if they're premade, I guess I just look at them and think who'd fit better in the game... but if the main character of a game is shown to be male through all the pre-release content, and even on the box art, and then it says I can pick a female instead (Like femshep), sorry but I have to go with the OG here.

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In games that you built your character i play male ALWAYS because the point is project myself in the game. In story games i dont care, i love to play as female and male. I loved the Ellie part in the last of us , love to play tomb raider, etc.

The only game i regret not playing as female was bloodborne playing as a lady Maria clone xD


It depends for me. Typically I’ll start as a male, but then play as a female if I play the game again. Destiny, for example, my Titan and Warlock are males, but my Hunter is a female.

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VGPolyglot said:
aikohualda said:
Male... I mixed it up.... on fighting game though I always main as female... weird... tekken as anna or nina. SF as cammy. Injustice as batgirl.

typo... i meant chun... chun fucking li!!!!!


I choose man. It's easier for me to relate to a same gender character.

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I usually play a male character, but it depends. My Shepard was a woman and I played Fable II with a female hero because eating alot of pies made her deliciously hot :P

In Gears of War 3 those skinny female characters actually had smaller hitboxes so I refused to use them. Hitboxes are the same in Gears 4 but I still pick a male character usually. Dudebro!

If there is a choice, always male. Easier to identify with, I imagine.

Usually female since I find them easier to look at.

I typically choose a male character, but when I was younger, I have chosen a female character as it was "funny". Now, I choose male unless the game mechanics has special abilities or features based on your character choice. Then I honestly don't care about the gender. Granted, there have been times I've chosen a female character as an adult when game mechanics didn't matter solely because the female character was kinda hot.

Most of the time, if there's a choice, I play as a female but in RPGs If my character is a warrior, I play as a male.