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Sony up for Switch?

Knack 41 18.06%
Legend of Dragoon 18 7.93%
Uncharted 65 28.63%
Demon Souls 25 11.01%
Gravity Rush 44 19.38%
Syphon Filter 12 5.29%
Metal Gear (joke) 22 9.69%
Turkish said:
Ape Escape, Everybody's Golf, Patapon and Locoroco would be million sellers on the Switch.

Hmm, I would love a Patapon on the Switch.

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Crash Bandicoot, even though it barely counts as a Sony game anymore. Please Activision, just tell us if the game is a timed exclusive or not already, you're driving me crazy over here >:(

knack.So we can see how good mario is with a comparison between the two.

None. that is why I got a PS4 for lol.

It wouldn't feel right playing them on a non playstation controller.



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Good thread, feels weird though, usually this thread would have been inversed (specially 1 year ago)

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Sly cooper, Jak and Daxter....

I'd take a Gran Turismo

Sony should just give Nintendo the Knack IP for a decade.
Let Nintendo fix that franchise then try to take it back.

That game that came out the same week as Zelda would be nice.


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