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this is the third thread about the nex 360 wireless controller. is it for real? or is it just like the moon shaped ps3 controllers?

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The thing that makes me think "bullshit" about this article is the part where it states that Nintendo invested in Gyration yet Gyration is still able to licence it's technology to MS. Nintendo is not that stupid.

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stephen700 said:
Xbox needs something to give it a boost for 2009 and this is a good move.
If they get it right they can show nintendo and sony a thing or two because neither Nintendo or Sony have managed to really make a premium motion controller or get it working well in many games (Sony especially, though Nintendo are guilty as well) .


Unfortunately MS does not have a very good track record of 'getting it right' in the console business so I think the chances of them taking the motion controller and showing anything to Sony let alone Nintendo are quite narrow. I still think that they fail massively in thinking that simply copying the motion controls is the key to Wii-like success.

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I still doubt that this is real... If it is, it just shows that motion sensing is no Fad... it is definitely the future...




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Well, just about everything ever released by MS was copied from something else successful... so I can certainly buy them copying the Wiimote (is that whay you call it?).

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Im not really surprised. If you look at the Xbox 360, it really didnt have anything new in it that wasnt in the previous generation. I mean OMG wireless controllers and OMG a webcam Eye Toy rip off.

Even if they do release it, it wont help much if at all. Add ons can drive a system let alone save one. This is also evident in the many add ons Ninty has released over the years and this year.

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I'm looking forward to the massive negative press, and commercial lawsuits if this is correct. It would have to be significantly different from the Wiimote (the LEDs on the TV stinks of BS to me), otherwise it WILL be shot down big time.

Ninty also has some patents registered about the "use" of pointer devices with relation to games - rather than the tech itself. Good luck to MS getting around these without a license fee.

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they'd be better off doing this with the 720 than the 360...u need EVERY owner to have the x-mote or u won't get the support

like i've been saying, next gen all consoles will have motion/ir controllers

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even if it is real they are forgeting a big factor here....word of mouth...

no one is going to say hey this is a 360 with a motion Controller man that is so much better then the wii

Nope they are going to say hey my bud has a wii and that’s what I played and like so I will stick with that

But the good side is they can get the led right like the wii did they could take their FPS game to the next level