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curl-6 said:
Pemalite said:

Sadly we knew from the very first outset that was always going to be one of the biggest possible caveats when it came to the Switch.
There was never any guarentee that developers would use any of the docked capabilities.

Nearly all of them have to so far though, even low budget indie titles. If even the little guys can do it with relative ease, there's no good reason why it should stump a big name dev.

I don't disagree, it's a piss poor excuse if developers don't support the docked mode boost.

But we know from past gaming experiences/gaming platforms that anything that is "optional" isn't guarenteed to get 100% support.

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Got lost when they talked about the 60 fps with the controls/30 fps with graphical fidelity, but thanks to people here, now I know what to expect :)

I guess the price of 54,99CAN is truly right then

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Well defs getting it on PS4 now. It doesnt appear much better graphically than generations so im a little surprised about this one.

Today I learned controls can have a different frame rate than the graphics.

Spin or not seeing as now this is "out in the open" I hope other games have a go at doing something like this.

OOT was like... what... 15fps? Only forum people care about this stuff. The rest of the world only cares about how good the game is.

Sounds lazy to me, at least bump up the resolution.

AlfredoTurkey said:
OOT was like... what... 15fps? Only forum people care about this stuff. The rest of the world only cares about how good the game is.

Well, I don't think people would accept 15fps nowadays since that looks really choppy, however with the amount of people that can't even tell the difference between 30 and 60 specially when it comes to hanhelds, it is true that it will not make for a noticiable difference in sales.

sounds lazy, but who knows... maybe a res bump or or framerate bump, on their engine and with the development time they have had, just doesnt result in a smooth experience.

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monocle_layton said:

Odyssey runs 720 fp 60fps on handheld and 900 fps/60 fps docked. 

actual footage

trailer footage (probably worse than final footage)

What a load of bullshit.

As someone who's actually played both games: yes, the Sonic Forces trailer footage is at least as good as the actual gameplay footage, of not a bit worse given the loss in quality that tends to happen on YouTube. Forces is gorgeous game and, from a technical stand point, a better looking game than Odyssey. On screen, in motion, and in person, it LOOKS like a 1080p current gen game. 

Of course, having played both I also know Super Mario Odyssey will be a much BETTER game, but the fact that they managed to get this running on Switch at all is impressive, especially as other companies are struggling and making compromises to bring their own current gen games to the system.

Visually, Super Mario Odyssey will look better than Sonic Forces Switch. But that's a pretty typical story when it comes to exclusives vs multi platform games. Exclusives are able to put the time and resources into exploiting a console's power that a multiplatform game cannot. And in the case of Forces, it was made for vastly more powerful platforms first, and then the development team had to take that current gen tech and assets, and put them onto a platform they were not built for. I've no doubt that if this game was built for Switch, it would probably perform better. Sonic Lost World ran at 60 FPS on Wii U, after all.

The demo I played at E3 was certainly rougher. In addition to the frame rate and resolution stuff, it also has lower quality textures. That being said, the game demo was just as playable as the other versions, and for a Switch game it looks perfectly fine. And at 30 frames, it has the exact same frame rate as Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

The Switch is an awesome system, but is also a console running on a friggin mobile processor. XD If you want games ported, you're going to have to accept sacrifices like this. It's not a matter of devs being lazy. They just aren't literal wizards. Doom is making the same sacrifices. So did Snake Pass. So will literally any port of a 3D game.

Panama said:
Well defs getting it on PS4 now. It doesnt appear much better graphically than generations so im a little surprised about this one.

Graphically, this game blows Generations away. At 60FPS the PS4/Xbone versions have twice the frame rate, as well,as higher quality character models and environments. Easily the best looking Sonic game ever made, at least on those platforms.

Unfortunately, the Avatar plays like crap regardless of platform, at least in the E3 demo.