In California, it is no longer a felony to knowingly infect someone with HIV

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In Poland blood is tested for everything. Sicknesses of skin, teeth, hart, organs, mental, any infectious diseases, addictions, sexual behavior- everything must be disclosed and might disqualify you. Even if you have high blood pressure you must disclose it and you can't donate blood. If anything bad happens you have the knowledge that the blood is clean................  "the land where bad dreams come true"  

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DarthMetalliCube said:
Mbolibombo said:

Dont doubt that for a second. I've had a lot of friends over the internet the past 20 years from the US. There's just a lot of absolutely insane news from the US lately though. Lot of it coming from the Trump presidency ofc, but it's pretty much all what you hear and read. Sadly.

Will visit USA for the first time at the very end of the year though, looking forward to it.

The Trump hysteria is largely fabricated, or at least exaggerated. These guys just want ratings, and the masses fighting amongst themselves.. All it is. I mean the guy's an idiot and I'm not crazy about him, probably something of a xenophobe and egotist - but he's no satan or Hitler many make him out to be.. Hell, it's mostly our Democrat controlled cities that have gone to shit if anything (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc). 

But yeah, at least from my experience, most of us are well meaning people who just want to mind their own business just like anywhere else. Though I have no basis for comparison as I've yet to leave this rock myself..

I think a lot of it is also the fact that we have a whopping 320 million people, so naturally crazy things are going to happen here from time to time. But it's also such a large place that it's almost more like a continent than a country. 

Where in the US are you going? Hope you enjoy the trip - you'll probably gain some pounds when here, but it's worth it lol. Get yourself a local bacon double cheeseburger or some ribs, or if you happen to be in Chicagoland, my area, deep dish pizza! That's fatty U.S. dining at its finest right there haha. 

I'll visit New York! Got tickets for the last ever Dillinger Escape Plan show so I kind of had to finally go to the US... so I will make sure to do stuff I've always wanted to do in the US, watch an NHL game, visit Nintendo World Store, eat burgers (sadly my wife is a vegetarian but that's her problem heh), if I can find some retrogaming stores I'll  visit those , etc etc... Will stay for 6 days, wont be able to do everything I want but will try my best to make the best of it =)

iron_megalith said:
Pemalite said:

What if I told you that the world is larger than the US of A and that I live in another part of said world?

Again, girls are allowed in Scouts here, people are literally cracking a tantrum over something stupid, small and trivial, it has nothing to do with feminism or women empowerment, those are just charged terms... Time people got over rubbish like this.

The topic is America though so I don't know why the fuck you're tossing such things like world is larger than the US of A bull crap.

I'm done talking with you. Your nonsense is too much for me.


Why I would state that the world is larger than the US of A is... Well. Because it is. And other parts of the world are relevant to the topic at hand as they set a precedent... And the precedent is... Allowing girls into Scouts didn't cause fire and brimstone to rain down from the sky, so you can stop pretending that you are insulted over it becoming a possibility.

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Whatever. I won't quote you anymore. Just start your own topic if you want.

iron_megalith said:

Whatever. I won't quote you anymore. Just start your own topic if you want.

This is a forum where discussions are to be had.
If I have made you upset over something so mundane with the sharing of an opinion, then I apologise, but it's no reason to chuck a tanty.

Good day.

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No. It's your persistent inability to accept that the topic is about America is the problem here. Where you also lambasted me for talking about how a supposedly noble movement is hijacked by some so-called "liberal" figures that just overstep in areas that shouldn't be.

this is a bad idea

The victims need to be protected, not the demons

Charlie Sheen would be excited

numberwang said:

“Today California took a major step toward treating HIV as a public health issue, instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals


A case study in modern political rhetoric: "people living with HIV" were not treated as criminals, a strawman. People intenionally or neglectingly infection others was the target of the law.

Not the first time I see it, they make a law that actually favours criminals and they say it's to protect innocents that have nothing to do with criminals, and that, if just in case they happened to need some law to be protected, could have been protected by a different and better law without such incredibly negative side effects.

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