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i know

I'm surprised as anyone, but yesterday I finished The lost legacy and was shocked at how good it was. It felt like it captured the heart of Uncharted way more than Uncharted 4 did. It reminded me so much of the excitement I had playing Uncharted 2.

I enjoyed U4 but I found the game bloated ay beyond what it needed to be and way too long. I also think the Online is boring, a lot of the levels are dull and I ALWAYS get the stupid museum level in MP.


Just my thoughts, what do you think? 

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Im pretty confident many ppl think this

I haven't played it myself but from the reactions I've seen on other forums, I don't think this is that contentious.


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No not better than uncharted 4. UC4 had more set pieces and a more fleshed out story. I was so happy they brought back Elena in the mix and gave her some play time, plus the ending was perfect. But the great thing about lost legacy was that it took me by surprise, i wasn't expecting an adventure to last that long, and the fact that it was tied down to one area location, it was immersive and reminded me of the earlier uncharted games. However i noticed everyone now and them that some environments were copied from uncharted 4,  cut and paste,  but given a make over,  that took away some of the uniqueness, and the shooting sequences were more of what was shown in uncharted 4. I was impressed with the puzzles though, probably better than uncharted 4. I am very happy Chloe got her own adventure, as i liked her alot in uncharted 2, and i have to say lost legacy is probably the best dlc ever.

I'm not going to lie, I had more fun with Lost Legacy as well.

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More unpopular opinion.

I find mad max better than UC xxxx.

To each their own i guess, the forced pseudo open world segment ruined it for me. I play rockstar games when i want a good sandbox game, dont do that again Naughty Dog.

LL may or may not be better THAN U4, I don't know but better THEN... does not compute. Just saying 


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It's a better game yes. But uncharted is twice as long so overall has more entertaining content so I'd still choose uncharted 4 if I had to pick one.

Buy yes I'd give uncharted 4 a 9/10 but lost legacy a 9.5/10.

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Kerotan said:
But uncharted is twice as long

It was also twice the price.