How much money do you spend a day on food?

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Under 5 euro a day, if it is a day where I invite family etc more than 50 euro a person.

I cook together with my workers and they make excellent food Thai/Chinese/tibetan/indian.

I'm used to prepare my own food and where I live ingredients are great quality but very cheap so I guess its something around 5€-10€ depending on the day and counting everything, even drinks and desserts.

Turkish said:

Anything under 6$ and "my hats off to you", thats impressive.

How do you manage that? thats with breakfast + dinner each day? for 1.5$?

I guess I go to a restaurant about once a week but apart from that maybe £4-5 a day. Add in the restaurant maybe £6-8 a day.

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I spent around

$1 on breakfast
$2 on in betweens
$4 on lunch
$5 on dinner

so around $12 i eat decently healthy

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I'd say about 5-7 dollars a day. Sometimes it is higher if i splurge. I can get it lower if I really focus on being cost-conscience.

I buy in bulk, generally 5 kgs of meat at a time and then do meal prep for the week. I'd guess $10 per day is about right.

So I just made a stew from green peas, potatoes, slices of salami, oil, salt for maybe 3$ in a big pot (3 large portions). I am also baking my own bread using a machine for maybe 1$ per >1 pound bread. You can eat for very little if you cook yourself some basic stuff.

3 $ seems about right, of course this a typical weekend day. At work the food is from the company, which is about 2.5-3 $ by itself.

Of course, I don't live in the US. But life is not exactly cheap here. Try to eat healthy, it is much cheaper.