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rolltide101x said:

#1 Relevance?


#2 So you admit that VR is not a good platform yet?


The difference is Pong was FUN, people spent hours and hours with it. People still play it today to a degree. VR is supposed to blow us all away and it has fell flat to be honest. I have several friends on PSN with a PSVR that I never see them use and my personal friends also rarely use theres. Now I understand this is a small case study and there are people who love it but I have a feeling its a niche for the majority of people.


The PSVR has currently 4,5/5 stars on amazon (higher then any gaming console (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) currently.


Farpoint and the Aim Controller have 4,8/5 Stars, one of the highest rating on any video game currently.


I think people are impressed with it and like it ;)

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nanarchy said:
chakkra said:

I'm totally saving this thread for when Nintendo and Microsoft finally release their VR Headsets.  I have a feeling that some users here that "don't see the appeal in VR" will start magically seeing its appeal when Nintendo or Ms put theirs in the market.

We heard the same crap about 3D TV with the vendors and fans of 3D TV spruiking the same crap, the reality is VR (in its current form and current content) is not appealing to the majority beyond a brief gimmick. Unless MS or Nintendo release something significantly different/improved I can't see that changing, the buy in cost vs the benefit just isn't their and doesn't look like it will be their this gen of technology.

Again: 4,5/5 Stars verified purchased amazon reviews, higher then any current gen console. Doesnt look like it wont appeal to people.

rolltide101x said:

I am saying IF you took VR functions of Farpoint away it would be considered a "bad" FPS. I know its not fair to do that to the game because that is the point. But the point I am making is it is/would be considered to be a subpar shooter.


With all of this said I do own Farpoint with the Aim controller and it probably is my favorite VR game to date. But in no way does it compare to any of the other games I have mentioned. (Same goes for Rigs)

The game was made by 16 people on a small budget. As sales will increase, games budgets will increase as well and if everything goes right, we will have gams like Destiny, Battlefront, COD and co in VR anytime in the future.

rolltide101x said:

Name a VR FPS as deep as Battlefield/CoD...... It does not exist hence the current ones are "dumbed down". If you can not accept that VR games are lacking in content/depth compared to more traditional games I do not know what to tell you because that is a fact...


Inspiration has nothing to do with practicality. You could say that about various different things. 

Games that can be played in VR and not in VR are better in VR though.




Star Wars Xwing VR Mission compared to Fighter Squadron


Resident Evil 7 VR vs normal TV play


Eve Valkyrie Warzone in VR compared to normal TV Play


Rez Infinite in VR compared to Rez infinite normal TV Play


Dirt Rally VR compared to Dirt Rally without VR


The only game that might not be as good as in vr might be driveclub because of the massive hit on image quality.


Every other game that can be play it VR and without VR is better in VR. So why do you think it will be niche if it enhance almost every game?

This will forever be known as, "The Page of habam".

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