Would the 3DS have sold more if launched as a $150 2DS XL in 2011?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would the 3DS have sold more if launched as a $150 2DS XL in 2011?

How much would a 2DS XL have sold lifetime under this scenario?

Over 150 Million 5 8.62%
Over 130 Million 3 5.17%
Over 100 Million 14 24.14%
90 Million 24 41.38%
70 Million 4 6.90%
60 Million 1 1.72%
50 Million 3 5.17%
40 Million 0 0.00%
30 Million 0 0.00%
20 Million 4 6.90%

specialk: Nintendo already lost a boatload of money by slashing the price to $170 just a few months after launch.

I pick 70 million, the 1st party software also had to be way better in the early going, and then maybe 90-100 million would have been doable. Of course, if they weren't focused on 3D, they might have launched with something different than Pilotwings and Steel Diver.

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Having good SW launching at this price would give it a lot of momentum so it's quite possible that it would sell much more than what it had, maybe even over 100M.

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Imagine the games that could of been made with the extra cores in the base model.

Maybe we could of gotten Xenoblade into the mainstream by now.


My thought is this. At that time a direct 2ds would be a brilliant idea. First of all, it would make clear that we re talking about a sequel machine, a new console, not something that may be misunderstood for a new model of a regular DS. Then, everyone would focus on the gameplay not the 3d falcionality which(and i m talking from my optical view) which would make someonesthink that all games play in 3D and that you cant change between this and regular screen.Without 3D we re talking for a much cheaper device. So, I think all these reasons would make sell much more units maybe 20 million more than where we are today because nowadays there is not the hype of a new DS machine.

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I think lifetime sales would be the same honestly.

Oh, that would have been a terrible idea especially with the DS still being relevant and cheaper.

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It's a strange what-if. The problem is that the cost would have been much higher in 2011 to produce than it is now I assume.

I think it would have sold more if it came with better games in its 1st year.... and a lower price. They did what they could to recover quite early on.



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Why is 80 million missing from the poll options, but absurd non-answers like 20 and 30 million are included?