Do you clip your nose hair?

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Yeah, I trim my nose hair.

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I also go with the rip em out method, works well

ArchangelMadzz said:
Aeolus451 said:
Since I've hit 30, I've been trimming my nose, ears and eye brows (rarely).

I've been trimming eyebrows frequently and nose rarely. I naturally have very bushy brows and looking back at old pictures wonder why I wasn't doing it sooner. 

I just have to trim in between my eyebrows a bit and pluck one stray hair or two but I have to do that on a regular basis. My ears grow hair like weeds...

Every once in awhile I use a small scissor to trim them. I would never pluck, that shit hurts.

Yep. Not even twenty, but I gotta shave it to keep my hygiene.

Not the best being hairy, but at least I got a legit beard at sixteen.