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Yup folks , FF 15 meet Assassins Creed 

Oh God, but atleast the games looks cool and also its free  DLC



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Yeah... SE has no fucking clue.

Just why?

what's the point of this? i already beat and plat the game.

This perfectly illustrates how clueless is SE with the FF brand right now.

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This isn't exactly new, they did the same thing with Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect 3. It's still just as nonsensical a choice as it was back then.

wut?....why?... hmmm okay, but weird.

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Are these new levels or just reskins?

Looks pretty dope.

FF is not the same since mr. sakaguchi and mr. uematsu leave squarenix, such a shame.

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