Ni no Kuni 2 is gearing for the masses.

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One thing you have to accept in life, people will complain about anything and everything...especially when they don't know what they are talking about!

To the people complaining about the "BIG" changes coming to Ni No Kuni 2, Ni No Kuni WotWW wasn't turn-based in the first place, maybe try playing the game before labeling it. It helps to be reserved when you don't know what you are talking about, so pipe down, y'all.

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I love Playstation because of their variety of games. I love the fact that they have so much Japanese support, and exclusives. However ... when it comes to marketing them, Playstation is 50/50. They have a lot of banners for new Japanese games, and will occasionally show them in an e3 Slideshow(or at best a short 1 or 2 minute trailer at e3). But at the same time ... a lot of their Japanese exclusives could have been EVEN BIGGER if they would just give them half the time western developers give. 

The problem with turn based games, or more so japenese games as a whole, is that companies are so worried they won't be bought by a large audience that they don't even try to showcase the games. The most PS does consistently for japanese games is a slideshow reel(which includes the bigger games that Sony actually showed off...), a banner on a Playstation email, or something on the PS store(even then it's very small....usually in the back of the market). Their japanese games sell well, but they aren't reaching their full potential...and it has everything to do with exposure and not some combat system. 

Turn based games can still be big.

Honestly I'm going to assume this is just PR talk. Turn based isn't bad, it never has been bad, and it never will be bad. the OG Ni No kuni sold really well, and its what pushed Namdai to start publishing JRPGS more often in the west.

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When has changing a game's identity to appeal to the masses ever worked out? The pokemon like monster system is what I found interesting about the first one and now they remove it to appeal to more people. I really wanted to play it but didn't have a PS3. I hope they remaster it for PS4.

I like both types of battle system, and I'm interested to play Ni no Kuni with a new battle system myself, I loved the original, but I'm always up for trying something new

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Wow that legitimately killed my hype, like I'm thinking about skipping this game now. When will Japanese devs learn that dumbing your game down for the sake of wider appeal not only doesn't attract new fans but it drives away old ones. 

Definitely going to be picking this up in the bargain bin, first killing familiars and now this shit. Hope it flops.

Eh, the action combat looks half assed, I would have preferred they just tried to redo the turn based battle system because yes Ni No Kuni needed help in the battle system department, but it could have been repaired.

In what world was the first game turn-based.

And how can people say that Ni no Kuni 2's combat is "dumbed down" when they haven't even played it.

And why are people acting surprised that the game is action based? We knew that since the game was announced and it isn't surprising because the first game also had action combat.

Looking forward to the game of course, but it does look weird watching some of the gameplay videos released over the week in gamescom, the overall feel still seems to be Ni No Kuni though so I'm excited to see whether the changes are an improvement.

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