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Cloudman said:
Keybladewielder said:
Bravely Default. I liked the game for its gameplay, visuals and music but the story is lame and after you reach chapter 5 it becomes a repetitive chore ugh.

Yeah, that's a great example actually. I remember that 2nd half killing what was otherwise an excellently made classic feeling JRPG. It's a game I have mixed feelings about everytime I'm reminded of it...

Still glad I jumped off the first game to go and play the 2nd game instead, none of that bullshit there :D

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BioShock Infinite.
The story was phenomenal and the world great, though I wish some things just happened quicker and had less battle sequences.

One already mentioned is Xenoblade. Just way too many things to do, to the point it really took away from the experience.

Not sure if it fits this topic but I freaking loved Suikoden V, the problem is that it takes waaaay toooo long to start. Like... 5 hours or so. And players hardy give a chance to a game that drags that long right in the beginning. I literally had a saved game of around 5 hrs simply for when I wanted to start a new game to skip that horrible slow start.

MGS 5. I still haven't bothered to beat it. Enough is enough lol.

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Persona 5 :O

Another one is Kingdoms of Amalur, I gave up on that one as the quest log just kept growing and growing and growing and growing to the point of oncoming panic attack. The combat was fun, story not bad at the start, world pretty nice to explore, yet way too many pointless side quests.

Horizon Zero Dawn. Gameplay gets repetetive real fast and it doesn't help that the story is quite boring because it's so predictable. I never finished that game because of that. I think I played about 20 or 30 hours and just stopped.

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DragonQuest VII on 3DS. I don't mind a long JRPG, but this one just had way too much filler. The game just hands you busywork, along with long pointless cutscenes that don't even look cool. You know that cutscene that plays in Ocarina of Time when you open a chest? Imagine something like that playing everytime you open a door, change classes, get in your airship, etc.

The game has a nasty way of making you take the longest possible time to do anything. There's one dungeon where you are forced to walk through it five times. FIVE TIMES! just to get back to the village elder and talk to him.

I'm not kidding here. DQVII could have been a 60 hour JRPG if they cut the pointless fat out of the game. It takes thirty minutes to even see the end credits after you beat the final boss, because you still have to go around talking to all the characters you met over the journey.

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Secret of Mana
Tried three times, always got bored after some hours in almost the same point