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potato_hamster said:
SuperNova said:

Well, there you go. I was referring to the fact that US got additional pre-orders yesterday, with none for europe in sight, so far.

Didn't the US get its first round of actual pre-orders yesterday?

I thought the US had early pre-orders as well and a restock now, since Nintendo released a statement that said 'more stock will be available in late August' implying that there already was some earlier. But if this is the first round then I'll shut up my whining! XD

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Literally got one at best buy last night, Glitched out during payment and lost mine, fugging pissed right now.

The_Yoda said:
I'll just break out my Super and play if the desire strikes.
Ariakon said:
The_Yoda said:

LOL they did a shitty job I ordered 28 but was only able to get 2 ... lol sorry the bashing seems silly when some people are buying huge amounts.


On topic: Good for Microsoft they need all the wins they can get real or massaged. PR talk or not, selling out in 25 minutes is a good thing (unless you're Nintendo) .. damn it, did it again. I'm taking this as a positive.

I am bashing Nintendo a little bit. Especially after last year, they knew exactly how insane the demand would be for their system and they still only provided a relatively meager amount. I'm not a scalper, my man, I bought one for me and one for my brother and his family, and the only reason I was able to do that is Amazon juked out scalpers by putting their preorders under a differently titled sku that I happened to stumble across at 4 am yesterday morning after trying and failing to get an order in at Best Buy. Had I not just come home from Oxford and had a resulting wonky sleep schedule I wouldn't have had a chance to order one. Other sites sound like they sold out in seconds, rather than minutes.


It's an amazing product, and Nintendo is a great company, but I don't think it's controversial to say that they sometimes have problems with providing enough supply to their customers.

This was in fact a limited edition.  I mostly blame the scalpers.  I still kind of hope that Nintendo is going to screw the scalping community and release way more of these than what they got pre-orders for.  You are right to a degree though and this is Nintendo so I'm not going to hold my breath for that scenario.

got the EU/PAL version of SNES mini.