Congress first articles of impeachment to filed against Trump

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Are you guys fucking nuts? How is this a good thing?

Pence has actually stated that you can fix gay people with camps.

Despite all you're whining and accusations, Trump has never outright mentioned camps. Pence has. And in your blind hate for this incompetent man, you want to put a real monster in charge?

Are you guys really willing to cut off your nose to spite your face?

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One thing i really like about Trump is that he is absolutley raveging the minds of bitter, hypocritical racist, sexist SJWs all over the world. Their tears are still as tasty as they were on November 8th.

Not only is Trump never getting impeached,(even if he were, the congress, which his party controlls, needs 2/3 majority to remove him;which will never happen) but he'll be president for 8 WHOLE YEARS. If the spoiled marxist snowflakes are this butt-blasted about his first 8 months, wait till you see the ass-hurt they'll have in the next 7 years !!!

Lol, the people with the voice voted democrate. The quiet group voted for Trump. That is why at election time Trump had a 15% victory chance. It's just the loud group with the voice. Everyone who voted Republican continues on with their day, while everyone else goes out of their way.


Aeolus451 said:

I feel like I've seen this before.....

Decided to edit this since it's the first post here. 

No impeachment will happen. 

Alternatively, impeachment happens. Then war, then dissolution of the United States... 

It was Britain, it is America, tomorrow France and next year, the world... 

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    COKTOE said:
    Fun times. I can't wait to see what paragon of virtue Mike Pence brings to the table. Of course, he can't be alone at a table with any woman that isn't his wife. Or a homosexual, with or without his wife present. I look forward to his less bombastic brand of abject stupidity as he guides the world down the road to hell.

    Wait, what? Why is this a bad thing? He takes extra steps to not be caught in a compromising situation and honors his wife. Lots to criticize, but I didn't think this is one of them.

    FIT_Gamer said:
    vivster said:

    Good luck, won't work. As long as the constitution does not forbid for incompetent racist morons to be president there is nothing you can do against Trump.

    It does though. The President can be impeached for being Political Incompetence. 

    As long as the economy is doing well, he won't get impeached for that.

    Or country is booming now, don't impeach him. Sure there is a bit of drama, but the stock market is skyrocketing!

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    People seem to forget how powerful the GOP has become under Trump - more than ever in the history now by ruling presidency, house, senat, supreme court and most state chambers.


    spurgeonryan said:
    Or country is booming now, don't impeach him. Sure there is a bit of drama, but the stock market is skyrocketing!

    That's Obama's economy, Trump hasn't passed any legislation yet (like huge tax breaks for the rich) that does anything to the economy, the stock market was already setting new highs and unemployment was shrinking under Obama. 

    Republicans are good at inheriting good economies from Democratic presidents (Bush inherited Clinton's economy) and then turning around and leaving the economy in waste. Both Clinton and Obama inherited crap economies from their Republican predacessors and handed off much better economies to their successors. 

    You don't generally see impact of a president's economic policies until year 2/3 of their presidency.