Sony it is time to kick PSNow into overdrive

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Release Last of Us Part 2 on PSNow exclusively and see the subscriptions fly off the charts. Or release it a month early on PSNow.


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Its not time for that at all.
The PS4 consoles are selling like hot pie and they are making a huge profit on them.

PSNow its time will come, later.

Release it exclusively at PS Now and I'll probably sell my PS4.

No thanks.

Personally I think if they want to kick of PSnow they should do it like this:

People who are PSPlus members and recieve PS3 games every month should be able to play those select PS3 titles for free trough PSnow, this way people will try the service out and feel like PS+ has a better value, especially since XBOX also offers playability on their consoles of old games.

People will get used to the service and some might start to play more games and generally it will make people very happy.

Much better then pissing people off with "exclusive" new games

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If Sony made that, even if in a timely manner, the backlash would be giant.It would be a bad move anyway you wanna see it.

I don't think sony cares about psnow that much


One of the worst possible ideas possible. Even putting it on PSNow at the same time is questionable.. but exclusively? That would piss off a 60+ million userbase.

PSNow can be kicked into overdrive once they release Android and iOS versions.

And use it to let ppl play game event demos (like E3) for free to get an idea for how the service works. The demos dont even need to stay on the service forever and can be taken off since they are demos and are free.

Additionally, PS2 classics should be added to the service (since that is hardly a selling point for PS4).

... I'm not a fan of this idea. At all.