Which gaming ecosystem do you play most on?

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Which gaming ecosystem do you play most on?

Nintendo 90 31.03%
Steam 33 11.38%
GOG 3 1.03%
Sony 125 43.10%
MS 30 10.34%
other? 9 3.10%

No preference outside of consoles. I been playing mostly PS4 last few months. I also might go in the other room tonight as I sometimes do and play a retro system.  It varies.

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For the past year it's been 90% PS, 5% Nintendo, 5% PC.
I haven't gotten around to playing my 3DS games much for the past year, but I do have some I will play soon.
Will probably finish Ace Attorney 5 this year, for example.

PS4 >>> PC > WiiU > Vita
Although I find that I play less now then I did a year ago, PS4 still gets the majority of my time.

Varies gen to gen for me. I go where the RPGs are so it's ps4/vita for me this generation with 3ds in second.

I spend a lot of time on Nintendo console, especially since Switch came out. But PS4 takes up more of my time and has consumed maybe just a little more time than Ninty simply because PS4 has better 3rd party support.

So it's Sony for me.

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vivster said:
So the multi trillion dollar market on iOS and Android is "other"?

PC > mobile > other

I honestly forgot about mobile gaming when I was making the thread. My apologies.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Chazore said:

Does that mean the Steam library you have is bad that you cannot be willing to do anything with it?.

No it's a good library. I just have a huge backlog of games. I have games for the NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, GBA, DS, 3DS, and Switch. It's well over 200 games, and I have about thirty games in my steam library. 

Fair doos.

WolfpackN64 said:
GOG first then Steam. Steam has the most to offer, but GOG is just more of a pleasure to use. Whenever I can, I buy my games on GOG. That they're DRM free is a bonus.

Usually, Linux compatibility is also a criterion for buying games on GOG (one reason why the Witcher III isn't in my library yet). And if games don't get ported, Wine compatibility with GOG games is often just a bit better than with Steam.

Aye, I've started doing that more recently with GoG. THe more new or old indie titles that end up on GoG, the more I end up nabbing there. I bought Witcher 3 from GoG to support CDPR and their storefront.


PS4>Switch>3DS>PS3>Wii>Vita>DS>>>PS2>PS1>N64>SNES>Mega Drive>GB Advance>>PC (I can run Fallout 2!)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>XBone

Sony in a great part, barely touching PC/Steam.

PC 35%, Nintendo 65%
It changes month to month.

Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart really have really taken up a fair bit of my time.