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This is why we can't have nice things. We beg for leaks every month and when we finally get them idiots try to screw it up by chasing the leaker away and arguing with him instead of saying "yeah what ethomaz did was pretty stupid." He couldn't be anymore transparent with the copy paste.

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Hiku said:

The goal of lowering the chances of NPD contacting him is not only to never get caught. It can also be to delay the inevitable. Getting numbers for 4 months is better than 3 months, etc.
And sure, someone is likely always going to disobey and post the numbers. And that's the one you can point fingers at. In this case it was Ethomaz.
But in those cases if the Gaf mods wanted to, they could clean up the topics from specific numbers.

But I can guarantee you that the data would find its way to gaf as soon as it's posted elsewhere. It would be no different than Librarian posting the numbers directly to gaf because it will find its way to gaf every single month. It's kinda laughable to think it wouldn't. Librarian just needs to change the way they disclose the numbers. 

And like I said, if the mods really wanted to, they could make sure the data wouldn't remain there for long. And people would learn not to post it there eventually.
I agree that Librarian should find a safer way (for his own sake) to relay numbers though.

Azuren said:
Kero. Stahp.

I didn't leak anything to gaf.  I'm just calling it as it is. If that's the reason the leaks stop then it just proves the leaker wants positive attention. If his sole intention was to drop the numbers he'd do that and stop posting.  


And anyway we're probably being double bluffed here.  They know NPD are sick of leaks directly to gaf so the leakers are likely using Vgchartz as a proxy to indirectly get them to gaf. Meanwhile they beg,  please don't leak to gaf,  knowing full well they will get there so they don't look like they ever intended it.  


I'd even say triple bluffed.  The NPD guys themselves want this and this whole thing is a smokescreen so they don't want to look bad to the companies paying them.  They don't want these numbers kept secret but have to.  So they use leakers to get the data public while pretending they are trying to stop them.  


Anyway that's my opinion and if that is enough to stop the leaker leaking here it just proves something weird is up.  If you are genuine,  just drop the numbers and stop looking for attention. 

Well. This is an interesting thread.

What I'll say is that the data posted in this thread is proprietary in the sense that NPD's clients pay nearly $10,000 each month just to have access to them. Clients are not allowed to 'leak' that data as per the agreement they have with NPD.

If someone, such as Librarian13579, wishes to post NPD data publicly then they are doing so with the risk that the NPD Group could investigate and find them in breach of contract. This could result in NPD suspending their agreement with the client who leaked the data and could also lead to Librarian13579 losing their job.

I don't think some of you understand how serious these situations can be. There is a legitimate reason why Librarian13579 doesn't want these numbers all over the internet, especially when it can lead to the NPD Group investigating further. I've seen this happen in the past where leakers will try to obfuscate and slow the spread of numbers so that the NPD Group doesn't catch on. Creamsugar being one example. People like Ethomaz, who have displayed this sort of behaviour before, do not help by spreading the numbers far and wide as soon as they are leaked.

That being said, I don't personally think anyone should risk their job by posting NPD numbers publicly, especially when under NDA. Given the events that have transpired today I wouldn't expect Librarian13579 to post numbers again in the future. I'm conscious that the community here is interested in the numbers but everyone needs to understand exactly what's at risk to leakers, why they do it and what the potential consequences are.

Personally I would love NPD to be more open and share numbers themselves, but that won't happen due to various agreements between NPD and retailers / publishers. In the meantime the general public has to rely on leaks, but that won't happen if leakers can't do so safely. The NPD Group has long tried to crack down on leaks coming from places like NeoGAF with high traffic. This is because leaks posted to NeoGAF spread quickly across the internet and become common knowledge across many. So the NPD Group is more likely to exercise its legal right to clamp down on leaks if they get posted everywhere. 


But anyway, I've already said I don't think people should leak data. But I'm just giving you all an explanation about those that do. 

I find it hard to believe someone like librarian would risk losing his job over this. It's not worth it just so we get numbers. I actually hope you stop for your sake. Obviously you enjoy the attention you get but it just ain't worth it.

If you have any sense, you would just message the mods and we can quickly discuss a mods 'prediction' knowing full well it's the results. You're doing these leaks all wrong.

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Why aren't leakers simply sending a PM to a third party and let them post the numbers. How could NPD possibly trace it back then?

Kerotan said:
I find it hard to believe someone like librarian would risk losing his job over this.

Every single leaker of NPD data since the late 90's has taken a risk to post numbers. Why do you think creamsugar put out pie charts instead of actual numbers? Why do you think Aquamarine used email tags instead of posting numbers directly? 

It actually got to a point, back in 2006, where the NPD Group sent a cease and desist to NeoGAF demanding that they stop posting leaked NPD numbers on their forum. That's why the leakers I mentioned take the precautions they do and it's why Librarian113579 is saying the same. 


But I do agree that it's not worth the risk. Like I said, I don't condone the leaking of NPD data. I just know about the history of NPD leaks and want to fill you all in so you can understand the situation better. 


Boutros said:
Why aren't leakers simply sending a PM to a third party and let them post the numbers. How could NPD possibly trace it back then?

I think it's more a case of the exact numbers being posted on NeoGAF or other large websites with high traffic. I think that's why a lot of the NPD leaks in the last year have been posted on Chartz first. 

Darc Requiem said:
Not sure why anyone is surprised that a guy that was enough of a dick to get permabanned would continue to be a dick.

But but he left voluntarily.

Boutros said:
Why aren't leakers simply sending a PM to a third party and let them post the numbers. How could NPD possibly trace it back then?

Agreed they should just send it to you as the thread owner, or someone from Europe / asia so its hard to track them down.

Post them, on the deep web


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