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For all the people at Neogaf trawling through this thread...shhhh! You're going to get the NPD ninja* squad sent after our kind leaker.


*Edited "goon" to "ninja," in case a certain Mat likes that term better :) We can also go with npd guardian, warrior, sentinel,  or centurion, if any of those would be preferable...

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Hi NeoGAF,

The purpose of keeping today's leaks OFF NeoGAF and only NeoGAF is because NeoGAF has literally 2+ NPD employees who post in your NPD threads on a regular basis.

By posting leaks there, you just increased the chances 500% that David Riley will swoop down and silence me before next month begins. Great job, guys!

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

April 30th, 2011 - July 12th, 2018

I PM'ed Ethomaz on GAF. His response: "It is public" -_-

Welfare said:
Weekly averages

PS4 June 2017: 381K / 5 = 76,200
PS4 July 2017: 217K / 4 = 54,250


This is the weakest June to July drop for the PS4. The previous year was 2015 at -26%.

NSW June 2017: 216K / 5 = 43,200
NSW July 2017: 222K / 4 = 55,500


PS4's drop comes from the lack of the days of summer promotion. I'm still surprised how well that did for them. Still a good July, especially since it's the same number as 2015 without any leftover Batman bundles to help keep sales up like that year had. 


Switch number is obviously as high as stock allowed it to be, but like you, Welfare, I was expecting more. Those Japanese stock increases threw me for a loop.

librarian13579 said:

Fuck. Ethomaz cross-posted numbers on NeoGAF when I specifically said not to do that.

Someone tell him off when you get a chance.

I'm gonna watch my back for the NPD goons who lurk over there.

Wish me luck, boys! I'm out.

He is permabanned here. Maybe the mods should unban him.  Looks like he is having his vengeance on chartz by posting the numbers there. That guy always seems to get the last laugh! 

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Do you seriously think that people weren't already aware that this is where every leak comes from ?

Thanks for sharing. Odd to see GAF do what the community continually chastised VGC for doing.

Edwardooo said:
Do you seriously think that people weren't already aware that this is where every leak comes from ?

It's all about risk mitigation. There's inherent risk in posting any sort of leaks that you'll get shut down by NPD's enforcement agency.

If they're mostly contained here for a little while, then there's still a risk but it's lower simply because this is a lower-traffic forum.

But dangling complete posts literally right in front of NPD's nose just bumps it up into the highest-risk category. Nothing may happen, but now there's the greatest potential of something bad happening to me.

I'm not an idiot to think that leaks weren't going to spread, but I wanted there at least to be some sort of lag period instead of a direct copy-and-paste dump right away.

April 30th, 2011 - July 12th, 2018

Vgchartz is banned but uses us for real numbers lol

Funny that neogaf always made fun of vgc for cross posting numbers, but now that it's the other way around they suddenly all defensive of it.

Anyways ethomaz was perma banned from here for a reason. I'm glad we get to hear the numbers for this month, it's a bit disappointing that nintendo didn't ship more switch consoles. I hope they can continue to increase there production.


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