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thekitchensink said:
Ahh, game file horror stories...

I had about 90 Pokemon in my first Red version, and six badges (around 40-50 hours, not to mention the trading). I went out to play outside with one of my cousins, and let the other cousin start a new game ('without saving' she says.) When I go turn it on again, I had one badge, a Bulbasaur, Rattata and Pidgey.

 I think so, so many of today's 17-21 year olds (worst affected by the Pokemania of the late 90's) had a similar experience. 


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So many sad stories. The worst I did was deleting a Fatal Frame file with 100% ghosts captured. I needed the space and 1mb was too much. I didn`t know about code breaker at the time. Now I have about 100+ save files for all PS2 games I finished on my pendrive and PC, but no FF.

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lets see, my ps1 memory card got completely corrupted. lost a few games on that.

i think i had two games get corrupted on ps2, i think nba street 2 and nfl street. nfl street was so tough, i think ive played it twice since that delete. i was finished with nba street so that didnt matter so much.

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I deleted my TP file by accident during my first playthrough...40 hours gone :(

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Oh, also:

First Kotor game. Got three pieces of the map to the Star Forge. Bastila gets taken. I crash-land on the planet after getting the fourth piece. I go save the game, and my file gets corrupted.........

So I go to load my other copy of that same file and save, same deal.....

I clean my Xbox and the disc, and thank the lord, I was able to load the last autosave and continue my game

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So many horror stories. I may aswell share mine.

My brother would play my Pokemon games and he always went new game but never saved.

Until one time he did. It was on my Silver with my strong Pokemon. (LVL 95 Typhlosion.

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Feel sorry for you.

I had a similar moment about a 2 years back when clearing out a Playstation memory card I for some reason, even while checking which file it was still just up and deleted my perfect save file of Final Fantasy VII. Ruby and Emerald defeated, etc, etc, only hing really left from being perfect perfect was master materias but I had all other materia's so just didn't mind doing that bit.

But I just up and deleted it anyway, my save file before that is before I defeat Ruby Weapon and when I tried....well, I just can't, I lose everytime. :(

Hmm, pie.

happen to me also was playing Mario rpg on the snes played for about 4 hours straight without saving. when i was about the quit in save my progress i accidentally knock my snes off the shelf in lost everything

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that sux

my girlfriend deciced to delete my phantom hourglass saved data including a 34 win 8 losses record on battle with 90% of the big plays, in it's place was a file called "kitty", needless to say i wasn't very happy.

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