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Aeolus451 said:
deskpro2k3 said:


how ironic.

okay this is too damn funny so, lets try to break this down. You took one sentence out of context, and you ask the question. "do you work for cnn?" and you said you don't care if I lied about it, which shows you'll believe a lie if it fits your argument, and now you're telling me to chill. What is your agenda here? Play victim?

Look I'm not even going to call you names, but since you entered this thread you've attempted to derail and blame the media for its negativity against Trump, and let me remind you this thread has nothing to do with that. This was his own news media that I posted. Lets talk about that.

I asked if you worked for cnn because they act hysterical and hyperbolic over anything related to trump which you were doing with the statement I bolded earlier. Just trying to point out how ridiculous you're being so you would see it for youself and maybe you'd hopefully calm down so we could debate about this stuff.  

Well the thread is about trump news which you compared to propaganda that you'd see in NK, right? Well, you don't have to look that far to look for propaganda. Look no further than at the american main stream media. It might as be state owned as much as bs it slings. I don't think this trump news is a big deal in comparison to the left having the mainstream media in it's corner.  That was pretty much my prespective on this whole topic. I don't think any political based group should have any news media batting for their corner. The news media (big or small) is supposed to be trying to be objective on what they report. They definitely shouldn't be taking any sides in politics or trying to push political goals. 

I think that trump news shouldn't exist even if it's to troll the left or be a parody of them. I also think news like huffpo or infowars shouldn't exist but they do. 

Edited. Didn't see aura's warning til after I posted. 


So I'm being ridiculous for pointing out a fact I saw on Live TV? Oh please..We can't have a debate when you pull sentences out of context and dismiss facts ok? For the second half of your post, well at least you agree it is propaganda like seen in N. Korea. Progress finally, I don't think there is anything left to discuss now.

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