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PS4 versus Switch, FY3/2019

Switch lead, 8M+ 3 9.38%
Switch lead, 6M to 8M 1 3.13%
Switch lead, 5M to 6M 1 3.13%
Switch lead, 4M to 5M 5 15.63%
Switch lead, 3M to 4M 4 12.50%
Switch lead, 2M to 3M 2 6.25%
Switch lead, 1M to 2M 3 9.38%
Virtual tie (Fewer than 1M either way) 6 18.75%
PS4 lead, 1M to 3M 3 9.38%
PS4 lead, 3M+ 4 12.50%
zorg1000 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Do we even have concrete numbers on how many got sold?

Anyway, the reason is probably because the games are not exchangeable, meaning for another game you'd need to buy another G&W.

And if one really would want to be stingy like this, where are the Color TV Game 7 and 15?

43 million.

And i agree, its not the same because Game & Watch were multiple devices that only played a single game each so it belongs in a different category.

Thanks, for the response. Despite the fact that G&W couldn't use any media for playing games,I still believe that,it is a piece of harware we should't exclude. But, to be honest, my point basically was that you can't find the numbers even in wikipedia. They make it seem like G&W wasn't even a nintendo product :p