Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night - Spring 2018

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So did Elizabeth find a way?? Or does this take place before that?

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They should change the title of the song "Life Will Change" to "Life Is Complete" now.

Definitely picking both up for PS4. Gotta see Makoto and Aigis bust out those moves.
Also, they have Mara plushies lol

It'll be a nice try to see how in the hell these games will be canon to their story

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I platinumed Persona 4 dancing, I plan to do the same for these. Also I'm expecting a Persona All Stars dancing game after these xD

Big news for PlayStation Persona fans. The vita news is an excellent bonus. I did not expect that!

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Vita means life, after all

For real?
Release a P3 Fes + Portable battle mode with trophies too, please.
If you make it a Vita exclusive like 4 Golden I'll buy a Vita, seriously.

I understand Persona fans like their games, but I can feel the cash grab all the way here. They are milking the cash cow now...

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    I was just thinking how cool would be to get a Persona 5 Dancing All Night, and here we are.

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    And so it begins... #persona5milk