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Uninstall it.

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Find people you like to play the game with. While I think the community's toxicity has been largely exaggerated, as most of the playerbase is just fine, it can still get quite bad at times and playing with friends makes things much better. Also, don't get drawn into the stupidity when someone does get toxic. Just mute and ignore them and you'll have a much better time at the game.

It's best to spend some time early on playing against bots so you get the hang of the game's mechanics and find out what different champions do.

jason1637 said:

Just started playing it today. Any tips that i should lknow?

You need to Master Last hitting... for CS.

So the idea is you dont "miss" any income by not getting the kill shot on the minions.

Play vs bots and practis until you get good at this (dont just auto attack constantly).

Take like 10-15 matches vs bots, and just focus in not missing 1 cs.

Then start playing "normal" matches.

Here you can try to harras the lane opponent playing against you, so he/she misses CS (and you ll experiance them doing the same to you).

Thats the micro elements of the game (who can CS better, while harrasing the other).

Whoever picks the better champion into another, and plays their champion better, is going to have more money in their lane.


The macro stuff.... the "think big" stuff.... dont even worry about any of that yet.

If this is your first day just keep practising CSing.


You need to pick 2 roles to practis though (because you wont always get your main role).

Between Jungle, Support, ADC, Mid, Top.

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1. Try to stay alive longer by reacting rationally.
2. Check the mini-map often and try to improve your awareness, knowing where are your allies and enemies at all time.
3. Try all roles and champions when you get the chance, so you've got a better idea on your opponents' capabilities and it's easier to find patterns then.

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NobleTeam360 said:
Uninstall it.

^ Or this

Vor said:
Just brace yourself for the community. Most of the MOBA community are toxic imo.

Depends on who you're playing with. The highly competitive based players can be toxic, however those that play against AI like I do on Heroes of the Storm, not so much. I find playing with other human players vs brutal AI to be less stressful and less toxic than playing ranked vs other human players.




If you find it a bit too much for your liking (even after taking some practice matches vs bots for example), you could always give Heroes of the Storm a try. That game doesn't deal with gear, but instead with talent choices.


Don't chase people into their tower for a kill. You will wind up dying to them.

Don't chase people into the jungle past the first three meters. You'll get ganked by their team.

Always buy a ward after your first back. Put it in the grass next to your lane.

Never push enemy minions all the way back to their tower. Once you get that close the enemy jungler can gank you, before you have time to make it back to the safety of your tower.

Try to outlast your opponent and make them recall for health/mana first.

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Dont listen to the people here saying delete it or play a worse Moba instead, LoL is the best in everything that is why is the most popular.

You should choose a champion you like, read some guides and watch some videos about him and start playing.

Get to level 30

If you start playing and want to improve watch some streams on twitch , watch the pros playing in lcs.

Get to play more champions in case your main one gets banned.

When you start to beat normal games you should be ready to try Ranking and be a little more competitive but if you dont play to win dont even bother going into ranking.

If you want just to have fun and play do it in normals

If someone flames you mute him, its that simple. Takes you 5 seconds to silence a flamer.


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