What drugs have you used?

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Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Yes 25 34.72%
No 47 65.28%

I don't agree with drug legality so yes

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slab_of_bacon said:
I don't agree with drug legality so yes

Some drugs are still legal, you agreeing with it or not. If you just drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, then no, you've never used an illegal drug.


Cannabis, amphetamines,Cocaine,Ketamine,GB,Alcohol,tobaco. All of them recreational except tobacoo and cannabis, but now i dont do any drugs except alcohol at social events

slab_of_bacon said:
I don't agree with drug legality so yes

What is this a response to?

VGPolyglot said:
slab_of_bacon said:
I don't agree with drug legality so yes

What is this a response to?

Pretty sure it's a response to the poll...


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I used to put the Hero in Heroin

Jk. Ibuprofen is my jam. I still use it regularly.

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Illegal drugs? None.

I don't take prescription drugs.

I drink alcohol and coffee, though.

CrazyGamer2017 said:
Never used any drugs, I am a drug virgin. And to be honest I am curious about DMT aka the spirit molecule, I'd like to try DMT as this substance is unlike any other. But I don't know how to safely obtain it. DMT is a very interesting substance and people should be allowed to try it freely. But I'm not going to buy it off some fishy guy in some dark alley cause who knows what he will really sell me, some poison maybe...
Whereas if the substance was legal you could safely buy it in a pharmacy. How ignorant of society to criminalize DMT.

I don’t know if Id recommend taking DMT without other drug experiences. It’s pretty life changing stuff and can you and your mind forever. Even more than LSD and mushrooms, which I highly recommend as THE essential drugs. Would change the world if everyone had taken it. If only Trump had done it once...


Concerning this thread topic. Most of them except the really dangerous stuff, like Crack, GHB or Meth.

Only alcohol and a little bit of weed once in while these days.

cannabis, cig, beer, Some prescribed meds I don't wanna list

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Out of everything I've been on, Oxy was probably the most potent.

If you're new to it and careless, it will kill you.