What drugs have you used?

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Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Yes 25 34.72%
No 47 65.28%
VGPolyglot said:
Nothing illegal, I don't smoke either, nor do I drink.

High five!

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I've never used illigal drugs but I have tried all legal drugs at least once, I havn't used any in the last few years.

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malistix1985 said:
I've never used illigal drugs but I have tried all legal drugs at least once, I havn't used any in the last few years.

Are you sure you've tried all legal drugs? That's quite an extensive list.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Never used any drugs, I am a drug virgin. And to be honest I am curious about DMT aka the spirit molecule, I'd like to try DMT as this substance is unlike any other. But I don't know how to safely obtain it. DMT is a very interesting substance and people should be allowed to try it freely. But I'm not going to buy it off some fishy guy in some dark alley cause who knows what he will really sell me, some poison maybe...
Whereas if the substance was legal you could safely buy it in a pharmacy. How ignorant of society to criminalize DMT.

Yeah, I personally think some drugs like MDMA, LSD, etc should be legal but regulated rather than illegal; they are relatively harmless when pure and taken in safe doses, but dangerous as hell when you're getting them from some criminal dealer who could've mixed them with all manner of other harmful compounds.

So long as the risk is minimized, I think a person should have the personal freedom to try a psychedelic experience, in the same way we're allowed to go sky diving or get drunk.

I can't stand the smell of cigarettes and alcohol tastes awful.

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None ever. Living in a country where these things are readily available for all makes it all even less interesting than it already is.

I don't count alcohol though, though I barely drink anyway. Wouldn't even count tobacco, and I'd say smoking is the most disgusting ('mainstream') habbit one could have. In fact smoking is a deal-breaker for me.

Some people claim they like alcoholic drinks for the flavour.
Such arguments are silly.
Personally, I find the smell of cocaine mind-numbingly bad.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I don't smoke and absolutely hate tobacco smoke, though thanks to my mom and stepdad I was exposed to second-hand smoke for most of my childhood and teenage years. It's part of why I favor public smoking bans; many if not most smokers absolutely do not care if their smoke causes others discomfort or harm. And I don't let anyone smoke in or right next to my house or in my vehicle, and I'll even tell my family members that I'd prefer them to not smoke right before coming over so I don't have to deal with the smell. Oh, and chewing tobacco is an even more disgusting habit, though at least there's no second-hand smoke to deal with. Tobacco is also probably the most pointless drug there is. You don't even get a high off of it. It doesn't actually help you relax (getting your fix with an addictive substance is not "relaxing," it's meeting a physical dependency). Honestly, I wouldn't mind if someone found a way to engineer the extinction of the tobacco plant.

I rarely drink, never got drunk (got a bit tipsy once and only once, and didn't enjoy it), and haven't had a drop of alcohol touch my lips in years; I just really don't care for it. In fact, I've developed an increasing hatred of alcohol because of all the misery and even death I've seen result from it first-hand.

And I've never touched anything illegal. I've never had any desire to. I simply don't understand the appeal of getting high, and risking jail time to get high. I never went through that "rebellious adolescent" phase as a kid, so I never did things just because "Society/teachers/parents/church says it's bad, so it must be awesome and will make me cool because I can stick it to the man!" Even if pot was legal where I live, I still wouldn't touch the stuff, because it stinks, it's not good for you in and of itself, and I have no desire to get high. And harder stuff... well, you have to be an idiot to try in the first place.

I've only ever taken OTC medicine as needed and as directed. I've never taken prescription medicine that wasn't mine, and whatever I was prescribed I did so exactly as directed.

I suppose caffeine counts because I drink soda & sweet tea and I enjoy chocolate. But I don't consume those things because they have caffeine in them. It just happens to be an ingredient. And I've never tried pep pills or energy drinks.

TL;DR, I take substance use and abuse very, very seriously.

I myself wouldn't risk jail time or a criminal record just to get high, but having said that, if they were legally available in pure and safe doses, there are a few drugs I would like to try, for the same reason that I might like to try, say, a rollercoaster or bungee jumping.

shikamaru317 said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

I meant nothing, I was just kidding dude, it's just that I haven't heard that word "teetotaler" in a long time so it was kind of funny to see it again.

Lol. It is kind of an old-fashioned word. I've heard my parents use it before, that's literally the only reason why I know the word. 

One of my mates once used that term when I was boiling the kettle and asking them if they wanted a coffee..... he thought it meant you only drink Tea instead of having coffee sometimes... he was Tea Totaller, we were all a mix of laughing and sad for him at the same time.


As for myself I too haven't taken any drugs, never smoked, gave up drinking about 5 years back and I'm sure fun at parties.... Legit am though... you don't need to take substances to be likeable, you just need to have a personality and confidence without the need of dutch courage.

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