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SuperMetalDave64 is a youtuber who I've had a lot of up's and downs to a lot of things he has said in the past. But anyways, one thing that happened was that before E3 2017 is that he knew that 2 new Metroid games were coming which later turned out to be true. There has also been a couple other things like with Mario X Rabbids, but he's done enough to a point were I believe he has some creditability.

Anyways so why am I making this thread? Well recently SuperMetalDave64 has been teasing something big is coming from Nintendo on his youtube channel in videos that I'd have to give an A in cringe and showmanship:



These videos are parts 1 and 2 of 3 of what SuperMetalDave64 is said to be teasing. But what is he teasing exactly? Well there are a few theory's but one is pointed at more than any other and that is a more powerful Nintendo Switch Dock. How powerful this dock will be? We don't know. But it seems to be what he is trying to get across.

This can be most clearly seen in the second video where I was very surprised at first to see British location appear on screen called the Dock Street Market at 0:51 seconds into the video.

Obviously, the reason this was in this was in the video was due to the word 'dock' being in the location.

So I think it is pretty clear that SuperMetalDave64 is saying in a super creepy way is that Nintendo is planning to release a more powerful Nintendo Switch Dock, at least that's what I think anyway. So what do you think? Do you think what SuperMetalDave64 is saying could be true or just BS? I'd say there has to be something here. He wouldn't be making these videos if he didn't have something potentialy concrete to go off. While I don't see much point in a more powerful Switch dock, I suppose it could attract more people in buying one.

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This guy is still beating his dead horse about a dock with additional performance?

Probably even with AMD hardware inside ;)

Something big like... bankrupcy!

Or a new Donkey Kong Country game.

100ft tall solid gold statue of Mario for their theme park?

Would certainly be something big!

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Weren't the original rumors about "NX" being that first we would get a portable hybrid (which is the switch as we know it currently) and that in 2018 the big N was set to release a dedicated home console? Without watching the videos, is there anything In there to support that?

Still, a more powerful dock is interesting conceptually. Could mean that the new dock will be compatible with current switches, providing a light overclock while Nintendo can then later on release a more powerful Switch that is backward compatible with this supposed new dock. I'd be curious to see how an a la carte hybrid would play out - one year you buy the hybrid console itself, the year after you're buying an over clocking dock.

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Mount Lady dating sim please.

Anyways, I don't put much stock in youtubers, so I'll keep my hype in check until Nintendo says something.

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That seems highly unlikely, at least this soon. Maybe in a couple of years. But, the only hardware change that makes sense in the next 18ish months is a smaller, portable only Switch.

Given that this thing just came out, and I just got my hands on one last month, I'd be pretty pissed off if a hardware upgrade came out already. If Nintendo is going to be putting out hardware replacements at such a fast rate, I'll probably end up just selling my console and not bothering with it.