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SegataSanshiro said:

Patrick Stewart is a trained Shakespear theatre actor. Also known for his role as the very moral and wonderful character of Jean Luc Picard. A role model to look up to no matter your age. A very distinguished actor with a distinguished role fitting for his training and talent.


I sit here with this information and think,he went from Picard to voicing a pile of cartoon poop. That's what I am in shock about. True shock this is where he is now.

He just did Logan recently, and that has garnered great praise. So I don't think he has sunken low. Most actors have had bad movies, some more so than others.

Im just surprised that anyone wanted to make a movie in relation to emojis.. Wasn't expecting much and this doesn't help matters.


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Chinese food for breakfast


Sony pictures is on a roll !! And not the good kind of ...

But god, I didn't expect it to be soooo bad XD Wait, I should have.

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Holy shit. That's even lower than my already low expectations. How do you do that?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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What can I say? Just by watching the trailer with that depressed emoji talking immediately made me believe this movie was not going to be good, so this wasn't so much of a surprise.

A movie about Emojis, interacting on their own world... let that sink in for a moment.

When I said I was tired of all these action movies, and super hero movies..... something like this... wasnt what I ment it should be replaced with.

Has hollywood run out of (good) idea's?
Time to start buying some movie rights from authors or something.

Oh no. How can this be.

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Well was this film reviewed by kids cos like I don't buy G Strings and then review them.