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Would you like MS to team up with Nintendo?

It's sounds impossible b... 82 36.12%
No that would be awful! 126 55.51%
I don't know. 19 8.37%

We all liked the idea of the Nintendo Playstation but it didnt work out and those are 2 Japanese companies we're talking about. So how would a Japanese company, especially one like Nintendo ever team up with an American global powerhouse like Microsoft?

Switch is doing very well at the moment and Nintendo seems to be more open in terms of online, dlc, mobile, licensing out their 20+ years old ip's and even teaming up with Xbox Live for online crossplay in Minecraft. One big problem is third party support, more specifically, Western third party support. This never changes with Nintendo consoles obviously because Nintendo doesn't want to take the risk in powerful hardware, Yes the Switch is pretty impressive but it's not at the same level of base PS4 nor Xbox One so we can all expect some third party support for Switch now that its fresh and new but I feel that in the long run Western third parties will skip the Switch because of hardware restraints.

Xbox One is not doing necessarily bad at the moment but the Xbox brand's fan reception has really gone downhill ever since the reveal of the Xbox One and it's only gotten worse in terms of first party games and games in general gamers prefer to buy their games on PS4 or on PC because of the better specs and Phil Spencer is an awesome guy who respects the competition (and likes Nintendo) but doesn't seem to be doing much other than streamlining all of their games to console and PC. Its hard to tell if Microsoft will come up with a successor to the Xbox One.

So if and i say IF there is a possibility of Ninty and MS teaming up in videogames division i think there would be huge benefits for both companies.

- More powerful and innovative hardware

- larger variety of first party games from Mario and Pokemon to Halo and Gears of War

- Japanese and Western third party support

- Both fanbases will merge and enjoy both respective ips

- better online + voice chat

- Nintendo will become more mainstream outside of Japan

- MS well be more mainstream outside of US

- Rare will become great again

- The Nintendo Xbox or the Super Microsoft or the Super Windowz



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One simple answer: they won't. Different companies, different philosophies, different markets. I don't think Nintendo would be comfortable at all by sharing, or at the very least, having their franchises be related to anything Xbox.

Besides, we all know what happened the last time Nintendo joined in with a tech giant.

Did we all like the idea of the "Nintendo PlayStation"? I don't remember that...

Don't really see the benefits for both of them in doing this though. So unless Microsoft were to actually attempt a takeover of Nintendo and force it through that way, really can't see anything like this ever happening.

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How many threads of this topic are people going to make?

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Mr_No said:
One simple answer: they won't. 

the topic is a What if scenario, not a lets be realistic about the situation.



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Seems to be that Microsoft would need Nintendo now more than Nintendo ever needing Microsoft.

This has been beaten to death. It won't happen. It'd be meaningless for sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to ever merge with anyone. Microsoft doesn't need them and they don't need Microsoft

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The Xbox Dock for Switch: upscales all Switch games to 4K and has an optical drive to play all XB1-titles.

Optical drive for Xbox and Playstation is just there to install the game.  You would need a hard drive attached to it.

sethnintendo said:
Seems to be that Microsoft would need Nintendo now more than Nintendo ever needing Microsoft.

Hmm, I wouldn't really say that MS need Nintendo, it seems like they're willing to go as is.