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COKTOE said:
Machiavellian said:

You know, that still has absolutly nothing to do with Crackdown 3.  Basically you want to rant against MS about the cloud and somehow throwing CD3 into your rant.  If the MP will use the cloud with full game destruction then your whole rant has nothing to do with CD3 since it is doing what it says it will do.  You need to get your arguments together.

Thanks for heading down to the crime lab and busting the case wide open detective.

Thanks for giving me such an easy case.  I thought it was obvious but I still felt my skills were needed..

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SvennoJ said:
Chris Hu said:

The first two also where cell shaded.

I remember the first one as having more color, however that was in a very brown/grey generation so it could just be those rose tinted glasses :)

However if you want to see something bad, I just played a $5 PSVR game, Heroes of the seven seas. A Gear VR port...

It looks much worse in VR, the scale is all wrong, those guns feel like small size cars, with my arms 10 meters apart lol. 2017 gaming!
Oddly it wasn't that bad to play for a little bit, ugh somebody make a real game already.

Yeah the first one wasn't as dark as the second one even though both games basically have the same map and locations.  The first game was better overall the second one probably would have been better if the same developer as the first one made it but they went out of business after APB bombed.

I just wanna play more Crackdown.

I don't think it has the potential to be a big hit either, regardless of marketing.

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Madword said:

I didnt give any performance boost, it was MS that it would make the Xbox 3x more powerful.

I have stipulated that any denominator applied to the performance gains of cloud processing is irrellevent as there hasn't been any real precedents set for it yet.
Microsoft deserved the ridicule they got for making such ludicrous claims.

Madword said:
Of course not all calculatiosn need to be done instantly or high amounts of bandwidth, but gaming generally *does* require things to be done in m-seconds and per frame, to say the cloud at this point is going to change gaming (which is what was said), is not going to happen. In gaming this service is not benefitial, certainly at the moment.

Not everything. Which is what the evidence I provided points at.

Madword said:
Of course Nvidia and others are going to say positive things about it, they are investing lots of money in research and this stuff is always boasted about way in advance of any end user improvement.

They demonstrated the technology, outlined the technology and in some professional scenarios, the technology is actually being used.

Sure, nVidia might have a vested interest, but they have backed up their claims with empirical evidence.

Madword said:
I'll use electric cars as an example, the first electric car was made over 100 years ago, look how long that technology has taken to actually be useful (and its still not their yet).

 Electric Cars are not a good example.
The "concept" was possible over 100 years ago, the technology was only recently viable.

And that is completely due to one aspect. Battery's.
Sure, we could have used lead-acid batteries 100 years ago, but they are heavy (Reducing efficiency) and do not have the energy density of more modern Lithium-based chemistries.

It's only really been viable within the last couple of decades when NiMH based battery's reached a good price/performance ratio.

Even then... Hydrocarbons still have higher energy densities than lithium batteries of today, hence why they are still the primary energy source for cars.

Madword said:
I'm not saying cloud computing isnt useful, its just not that useful for gaming and its going to be at least another 10-20 years if not more. This is what technical companies do, they say how wonderful tech they've got and show it off, but actually in the real world... nothing.

It's useful today.
Just not to any great extent. We aren't going to be using the cloud to render entire game worlds, that is so far away into the future it's not funny.

Madword said:
Its not going to improve gaming at this stage, its not going to see a big uptake, its not going to change anything. Thats what the general thread in the past has been. You know what would improve gaming, better CPU, faster HD... that would give a much bigger boost to anything.

Indeed. A faster CPU would make the entire cloud-concept for Crackdown pointless as all the Physics calculations could have been done on the host CPU.

But the Xbox One, like the Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro are using low-end, cost effective and slow CPU designs from years ago. The hand we are delt is what we got and the Cloud is there to pick up the slack.

Maybe next-gen Physics might be the focal point.

This generation is all about the finer details and having dynamic effects, not baked static crap with a big uptick in geometry complexity, lighting and material effects and so on.

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Anyone else wishing for a Prototype 3?



DonFerrari said:

You won't stop spinning what I said? I have no issue with CD3 being successfull. And I see no issue with MS pushing the game and backing it. My sole point on it was that pushing the 4KHDR and high graphic fidelity for this game as a showcase of X1X power was a mistake. They could and should have focused their marketing on what the game excells not on it's weak spots. You don't see Sony pushing the high IQ and graphic power on games like the indies they brought or even Ratchet and Clank.

I simply have not seen MS pushing crackdown 3 as this high fidelity game you say they are. They are giving it the same treatment they give all their first party games. No more no less and I don't see any issues with that at all. I asked you before, where have they made these statements and you didn't give me an answer. 

I'm sure the game is going to be good but PR ain't gonna help the most powerful console launching with the least demanding first party game haha (graphics wise)

Smartie900 said:
Anyone else wishing for a Prototype 3?

I've got both P1 and P2, in fact I've not played either yet and 2 is still sealed.

At some point i'll give them a spin. I never did because it was at the time of infamous and i went straight to playing that instead.

I remember having a massive discussion with someone at the time (dont think they are any longer on the site) who was arguing for prototype (think they just hated sony) and how they thought it would sell better than infamous.

I think its a shame Prototpye isnt any longer supported (bit like Dead Space), I think done right it could do very well and open world super hero/villian type games could be awesome.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

game looks good for me