A moment of silence for MS Paint / UPDATE: Paint saved! Sort of...

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Best app on my windows 3.11 system in 1993.

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All those cropped pictures and those emergency image alterations. You won't be forgotten, MS Paint.

It's okay guys! We still havs Paint.Net!

I'll miss the days when photoshop wouldn't open a file format for reasons. Or it load the image black and white. But MS Paint loaded it, no bullshit.

Paint deserved so much more. Why do the great ones always leave us too soon?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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RIP childhood



I did almost everything on this site with paint. Many of the banners and box arts you all see on gamewise or even our database are made by Microsoft paint.


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Wait so they will remove it from my PC? Why? Why can't I just have it? I like using it.

I still have a copy of Windows XP and a PC from 1999... suck it Microsoft... suck it.