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Best 2017 PS4 *exlusive so far

Nier Automata 42 9.07%
Persona 5 92 19.87%
Yakuza 0 16 3.46%
Horizon Zero Dawn 220 47.52%
Gravity Rush 2 5 1.08%
Ni-Oh 24 5.18%
Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy 30 6.48%
Other (please post it or ... 12 2.59%
Star Wars Kinect 22 4.75%

Astrix  because when I say exclusive I know some of these techically are not but this is they are either console exclusive or only on PS4 in the west. 2017 isn't over but curious what people think so far.

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There isn't a lot coming out from here on, I guess i'll say Persona but i'm honestly still catching up. I'm swamped with games.

Not sure if it's PS4 exclusive but I'm really digging Gravity Rush 2.

zippy said:
Not sure if it's PS4 exclusive but I'm really digging Gravity Rush 2.

One of three actual exclusives on the list lol.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy! Not entirely exclusive seeing as how the originals were on PS1. But I can't in good faith choose any of the others so...

Oh and it's also worth saying that Knack 2 will take this title the day it releases!

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Technically not exclusive, but Persona 5.

Horizon. I really must get to Persona 5 though. Splatoon and Crash are the big ones right now for me.

Horizon: Zero Dawn without a doubt!!!!!

DQ heroes II is the one I enjoyed the most but I guess it is not an exclusive =p.

Yakuza 0 hands down.


Nier Automata and Persona 5 are fantastic amazing games. Thing is Yakuza 0 has fantastic characters a very personal and very well written story. I mean seriously well written. The combat is so so so good. The boss fights are great. The side activities are more fun than most games in games distractions. Plus classic SEGA arcade games. The side quests range form standard to whacky but always interesting and creative. This is a game that perfectly balanced when to be serious and when having a great sense of humor. The music is also just soooooooo good. From Japanese 80s rock to 70s kung fu movie like music. Even tho this game is packed to the brim with content..when i finihsed it and did everythng I still wanted more and why I pre ordered Kiwami for next month.  Yakuza 0 is the perfect place for those who never played the series to start.