So is PSN down again or what?

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Can you log on to PSN?

Yes 26 76.47%
No 8 23.53%

So I'm trying to watch some YouTube on my PS3 but I keep getting this message that I first need to log on to PSN for me to use YT never understood why this bullshit is mandatory but now I just can't log in to PSN, i thought it was my router but i cant log on since yesterday I keep getting error codes and i cant even access PSN on the main website. Nobody seems to be complaining so maybe it's just me who's not used to this.



I'm not the only one right?

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Strange, it work just fine for me. What kind of error codes did you get?

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Works fine for me.

Could it be something like your saved password is incorrect and that's why you can't login or something?

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According to PSN status, everything is running peachy, and there's going to be maintenance on the 25th.

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Reboot your router.

I had trouble about 20 hours ago while on the Vita. Fine now.

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Just go to the PlayStation site and it will tell you the condition of the servers.

Thanks all I've tried everything but I still can't sign in, It seems that the problem is more widespread in Euro regions than anywhere else at the time and this has been going on since yesterday.


I've been on my PS4 for the last 4-5 hours and had no problems with PSN, everything has been working fine for me... strange that people have been having problems logging in, wonder what the cause could be o.O