Are you thr type of person who has to beat bosses that are optional to play/beat?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you thr type of person who has to beat bosses that are optional to play/beat?

I'm playing Xenogears again, and not to spoil anything, on disk 2 there's a boss you can beat or run away from it. I however will not move on until I beat him. This is a common thing too, if there are optional bosses you can skip all together or can run away I HAVE to beat them. Anyone else the same, or don't care at all about optional bosses?

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Only if I feel compelled to for that particular game. Trophies make it more enticing. I remember the first optional boss I skipped was Ozma in FF9, just wanted to be done with that game so I skipped most of the optional stuff.

Have to? No nothing is have to. Choose too? Yes sure.

I try to get every bit of content from a game.

I'm willing to accept I can't beat something and move on. But I first want to try it several times. Assuming I actually gain something from it.

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Not at all. If there's a worthwhile reward from it (and I like the game enough) then I will, but otherwise I'll skip them.

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When I was younger and I wanted to squeeze every bit of gameplay from a game sure. However nowadays I just beat the game and leave. When I beat Final Fantasy 3 on the DS there is a super boss that I completely ignored. When you have a bunch of games you want to play you just want to move on to the next one.

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Sometimes I do, other times I don't go for it.

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Sometimes. Like in Dragon's Dogma or Final Fantasy VII. Sometimes I just love a game so much, I want to do everything in it. Other times, I just want to see the end credits with as little effort as possible.

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Depends entirely on the game in question. If the game is in general fun to play and going out and discovering these optional battles is enjoyable or rewarding, then sure. The same applies to pretty much any optional content in a game.

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if said bosses offer some more loot and lore, then yeah I'll fight them.


I don't have to, no.

But i will if its a game i love. Xenogears is a game i love. I don't remember that boss though, but i do remember that you can skip 4 sub bosses and go directly for the final boss, but he will be alot harder.