Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Found Dead From Apparent Suicide

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JRPGfan said:
jason1637 said:

Im not. He wanted to kill himself and he did it. I'm happy he got what he wanted.

Have you had anyone in your near family commit suicide? just asking because thats a incredibly harsh stance to take.

From personal experiance I can tell you, its a horrible thing, if not for the person, then everyone around them.

Yes, 2 years ago an uncle of mine shot himself.

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The Transformers film series was when I learn about Linkin Park, man this is sad news.

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LurkerJ said:
Ganoncrotch said:
Given the fact that people hear seem to like them for some reason I'll keep this civil, but never liked them for their manufactured sound and clearly marketing based created music rather than any real soul in it....

That said, gotta be in a bad place to end the greatest gift we get on this Earth so all I can say is suicide is never the answer, no matter how bad life might seem, if you end your life... you can't solve any of the problems.

I hate all of their albums except for one,I especially hate the earlier ones that almost everyone has referenced in this thread. I'd suggest you give "A Thousand Suns" a thorough listen from start to finish though. They're definitely talented and have not stuck to the sound that made them famous. 

As for suicide, don't think of it as an answer. Some people get isolated enough that they feel dead long before they commit suicide. It's not always as simple as it's portrayed.

I might well check it out as most of the VGchart recommendations have gone fairly well for me, will give it a listen and see what I make of it.

And of course, I've been to fairly bad places in the past, but would never consider this simply because I wouldn't do something like that to my family and friends... ever, to leave them alone thinking that they might in some way have been at fault for not stopping you doing the act, but yeah... like you said, it's never a simple thing when someone takes their own life.

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I feel so numb : (

Whaaaaaaaaat!? I can't believe it. I feel really sad :(
May he Rest in Peace.

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Rip. Good music especially their album with Jay z. Collision course it was called.

I liked his albums, to me Linkin Park was everything about metal and even music early on but I can't find any pity for him since it's just so selfish on his part to take away his own life from his fans or the people close to him ...


Man, he was just on an episode of GMM a couple of months ago and seemed to really be enjoying himself.
What a bummer :(

Couldn't even get myself to play a game the whole day, feels really weird, just been listening to their 2 songs on repeat majority of the day. . . .sigh.


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