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Heavenly_King said:
guiduc said:

Thank you, I think that as well I may not know a lot about electronics, but I sure as hell know how to think systems.

I need an application form.

Most probably the Switch cant do multitasking like the PS3/X360.  Nintendo is still living in the Gamecube era.  That is why the Switch cant run the game and the social app at the same time.

It certainly has the hardware to multitask.  The operating system is derived from FreeBSD, which most certainly can multitask.

Multitasking is a shit excuse when even the original Xbox could multitask. (Playing back MP3's while gaming.)

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Ok, I finally tried the app and it's NOT AS BAD as Eurogamer seems to make out of it. It's actually quite simple to manage it.

When you put it on speaker and play in your room it works fine. But the app could have being put on the console itself and it would have worked. But by the design of it I feel like right now it is a temporary solution for Nintendo and it might become optional going into 2018 when the real online services launch. It does feel like it.

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What the hell is this shit? Meanwhile at Playstation: 

twintail said:


eDIT; something more managable looking:


Wth is this? Are we really in 2017?

Oh my god, that's just terrible. Luckily, almost everyone seems to have realized this and have stopped defending this nonsense. Nintendo + online keeps on being a disaster, they just refuse to follow any form of norms, as if it's the most important thing in the world.

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This is such a miserable idea, who at Nintendo even thought this would be ok with fans???

Honestly, I see two main reasons for the current set up.

1. Costs: Nintendo despite having the idea for a while was probably in a rush to get the Switch in workable format and out on the market. Hence cutting back on something they have put built in with most of their recent devices but rarely used... ie a microphone.

2. Security Gate: Nintendo despite moving their advertising away from the family centric model still tries to be a family friendly company. Making it too easy for kids to play with voice chat could lead to issues like they had involving perverts and the DS/3DS system. While other systems don't have this problem, other systems aren't also mobile where a kid could be listening to instructions and wonder off. Maybe you could get around that by locking it to dock mode and building specialize docks, but that undercuts the current selling point of being able to play the same game where ever you go. Hence cell phone app which usually parents should have some control over.

My opinion at least on why we have what we have.