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When you think of the word “gamer,” the first thing that comes to mind isn’t “puritan who is offended by bare female skin.” But that’s exactly who the “gamers” are on NeoGAF, the world’s largest and most influential gaming forum.

With the rise of feminism in video games, most of the forum’s wrongthinkers were purged from the ranks and the only ones remaining are millennial schoolmarms, who are more than eager to share their disdain about characters who appear to be “too sexy” to them.

Living on a drip-feed of Feminist Frequency videos, some of its users participated in a new thread called “Worst Female Character Design in Gaming.” Quiet, the scantily dressed sniper character from Metal Gear Solid 5 was at the top of the list and suggested by the thread’s creator.

Others complained about Ivy from the Soul Calibur series; Fiore Brunelli from Star Ocean V for her sexy harlequin costume; and “the Xenoblade 2 girl” whose name they can’t remember was also brought up.

The women who wear “sexy armor” in the Fire Emblem games were also deemed “awful.”

NieR Automata‘s 2B was also cited as an offensive character because her tiny skirt often exposed her legs and groin. Oh

One user mentioned Prince of Persia: Warrior Within’s Shadee, whose ass is exposed. “I mean, yikes…” he wrote. I doubt he has the same reaction when he logs onto his Pornhub account.

Some were unimpressed by Lara Croft’s everyday, real-world hiker look in the new Tomb Raider games. But they probably wouldn’t be complaining about it if Anita didn’t already raise a stink about the tightness of her pants.

The large breasts of one of the main characters in Valkyria Revolution were also cited as a problem.

Another raised complaints about a Hyrule Warriors character because her design appeared to be guilty of “cultural appropriation” as she had tribal tattoos. Sheva’s tribal outfit in Resident Evil 5? Also problematic, because the game’s “imagery featuring a white man gunning down Africans” is “racist” because it’s set in Africa.

Bayonetta, a character that was lauded as empowering by many female gamers, including progressive games journalist Leigh Alexander at the time of the game’s original release, is also cited as a bad design.

It many ways it can be quite surprising to see a group of obviously male gamers all feigning offense to the various sexy female character designs in video games because they think it’s how they’re supposed to react because of feminism—especially when female gamers fully embrace the aesthetic, sometimes even by cosplaying those characters in real life.



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Luckily Japanese developers don't give a damn. I am still waiting for someone to complain about the most revealing armor in Horizon or the open back dress in beyond two souls. Because woman skin is an absolute horror and not even a single mention of the Witcher 3. I am dissapointed in the knowledge of these so called gamers.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

A whole article dedicated to personal opinions on a forum, author triggered af lmao

There are some dumb posts there but most of the designs they posted are just bad, has nothing to do with feminism.

that's Neogaf for you

think most of the guys over there would castrate themselves if it meant getting a few brownie points with women

I hate 3rd wave feminists in general. They don't have much to do anymore in the west so they're always stirring up shit. I particularly don't care for the beta males trying to score points with 'em with stuff like that thread.

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Somebody wrote an article about internet trolls? huh...

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Ka-pi96 said:
Somebody wrote an article about internet trolls? huh...

Gotta get 'em clicks. 

Everyone likes some eye candy, they way female popstars dress when they perform isn't a coincidence.

I feel the best solution is to give everyone eye candy, (more hot Ryu) instead of none at all. A lot of women I know find male video game characters attractive but hey they can go a step further I'd be fine with that.

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Good Character design  (imo) is when:

Character is distinctive (& memorable), Intresting to look at, expressive, coloured to fit the mood (badguy wears black clothes ect, leathal looking scythes and such), they need a personality & back story, and naturally fit into the enviroment & story.

That it.

It doesnt matter if they wear sexy skirts, or have big boobs.

I do not care.

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