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Hi guys, I'm starting a new project of sorts and thought it would be  fun to include you guys since you're like  my second family.

Anyways this is a challenge where I pick up an activity for 100 days and see how far I can get.

I posted this also on Reddit at 



I have polled my FB already and have these suggestions:

1. Aikido

2. Kickboxing

3. Knitting

4. Banjer-pickin

5. Naked pogo stick

6. Kama sutra

7. Read the Boble

8. Killing people

9. Planche pushups

10. Java programming

11. Making beats

12. Meditative reflections on my failures and shortcomings

13. Magic

14. Fire eating

15. Roller skating

16. Wood carving

17. Gymnastics

18. Square dancing

19. Bob Ross painting

Please take a minute and suggest an activity. I will be recording all work and posting on yt and streaming on twitch.

Rules: Not too expensive Must have an objectively quanitfiable metric of proficiency

I will create another thread after this to vote. I will be starting as soon as this process ends, and keep you updated. Thanks for looking. Jer-bear

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Well, I clicked on the Reddit link, and it says it was removed, so I can't see it.

I vote for 8. It's both inexpensive and objectively quantifiable!

StarDoor said:
I vote for 8. It's both inexpensive and objectively quantifiable!

Well, it can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want it to be!

Banjo playing or Python programming.

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Yeah I've never had a Reddit account so it got flagged but I messaged the mods to unlock it.

Try Nofap or no sex (unless in a commited relationship) for 120 days, definitely a challenge.

Try no electronic devices.

Try no sugar/ vegan/ big meat diet.

wood carving on that list seems like it could be relaxing and rewarding at the same time



Bob Ross painting


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