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yes, $20 is ok 44 44.90%
no, not even free. 54 55.10%

Tragic. I know. but... is it worth it? Money is important when you're about to buy a game so divisive that you don't even know if you wanna play it. Those who played the game, what do you think?


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Too expensive.
$5, maybe.

Yikes, that's not good.

I saw this sale and picked it up. From what I have seen the updates to the game makes a difference and should be a solid game at that price.

It's a good deal but I'm going to wait for it to be added to EA/Origin Access, will only take a couple more months most likely.

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Maybe they could pay me $20 to play it?

AAA game. Blockbuster. Cinematic experience. Millions spent on development and advertisement.

Even at $0, I'll probably skip


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For all the hate it gets, its still a very good Mass Effect game. Other than there needing a few more dialog choices, its actually a good game with lots of content. Its a shame that the game ended up with such poor reception, but people are hard to please, and are very easy to anger. Its a good game, and is worth more than $20.

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It's criminally underrated. People only make fun of the weird faces that occur here and there, but the game itself is great. Their loss...