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The best one is...

Xbox 77 13.03%
Gamecube 350 59.22%
Dreamcast 164 27.75%

Well you can probably guess from my username/avatar heh..

(relatively) more specifically -


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Mike321 said:
Xbox is the best box.


NobleTeam360 said:
Mike321 said:
Xbox is the best box.



Dreamcast was the shit. I had more fun with that console than either Xbox or Gamecube. Playing online games back in 2001 on a home console was a revolutionary experience.

Metroid Prime.

...I mean, GameCube.

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Dreamcast was the perfect console imho opinion. Best mix of quality first party and third party.

Oh that's a hard one, I had both a Dreamcast and a Xbox hmmm gonna give the nod to Xbox I think.

MKDD, smash bros, metroid prime, zelda WW, rogue squadron, RE, luigis mansion, sonic adventure 2 and heroes, lego star wars, zelda TP, star fox adventures.
It was the console i enjoyed the most, although I played KH, god of war, gta and winning eleven on ps2.

GCN. Tales of Symphonia, Metroid Prime, Baten Kaitos... yep!

Mike321 said:
Xbox is the best box.

I credit it for bringing the worst of PC games at the time to the console market.  Cookie cutter shooters, incomplete games and patching, hypercompetitive preteens calling each other f4gG0tz, reliance on third party servers gated by fees instead of peer to peer, ads, consoles trying to do more than just gaming, the emphasis on 'mature' games, etc.

I enjoyed the distinct separation between PC games where I played my first person games and consoles where I played my predominantly  Japanese rooted RPGs and story heavy games that had been the staple of Nintendo and Sony since the rebirth of console gaming by Nintendo.  Xbox basically ruined that and pushed hard to make consoles into PCs bloated with shallow Western AAA action games and focus on graphics being the most important and in the process diluted what was previously a unique identity for consoles.


Glad to see GameCube winning in the absence of PS2.  Dreamcast had a life too short to matter even though it had potential. Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Code Veronica, and Shenmue... Need more than 4 games... Pains me because Dreamcast's 8 MB VRAM vs PS2's 4MB gave DC games a distinctly more colorful texture environment vs the PS2's often 8 bit reduced resolution muddy look.  Would have made for some vibrant RPG worlds as Skies of Arcadia showed. RIP.