Microsoft is deserving of praise, not criticism, for XBox 1 not having many exclusives

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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Lawlight said:
I'll praise them when they make those games available on the PS4.

There are only two franchises that anyone would demand and even then those franchises are wearing out their welcome because they can't replace them.

That's true.

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Captain_Yuri said:
Here's a question since we are sorta on topic. How many people on vgc even have a gaming PC? Cause Forza horizon 3 isn't exactly gonna run on a toaster even on low settings...

Basically any Core i5 ever made or better can run it.
8GB Ram.
Radeon 250X/Geforce 750Ti is the minimum for the GPU.

The Radeon 250X is basically the Radeon 7770. So a Radeon 5850 released 8 years ago or better is enough.

Basically you are looking at an Xbox One level performing PC.  ...Might as well call it a toaster... :P

Captain_Yuri said:

Someone says PCs are a great place to play games... Response from people "PCs are way too expensive"

Someone says the xbox one x is great... Response from people "Neh, I can just play xbox exclusives on my PC"

It's like... You do realize games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 need decent/good PCs to even play them on low settings right? PCs are known to be very scalable yes but there is still a minimum...

It's a toxic cycle.

As for minimum requirements on PC, there are those that exist who spend inordinate amounts of time reverse engineering shaders, making low-end texture packs, tweaking config files to play games on hardware that is lower than minimum... And more.

I mean, the games look like crap. But it is impressive in what they achieve.

Ka-pi96 said:
My main issue with Microsoft's exclusives is quality, not that they're also on PC. I'd have no problem with them also being on PC, I may even buy them on PC. There just isn't many that look good to me though. The MS Xbox/PC games I'd want.... there's maybe 3 at max?

So yeah, them releasing them on PC too isn't really an issue for me. Them releasing so few games that I'd actually want to play is the issue!

I concur. Other than Killer Instinct, I cannot think of a title on Xbox One that really "wows" me.

Sunset Overdrive is good, but it's not a genre that typically appeals to me.

On the Xbox 360... Everyone had to get that console when Halo 3 released, Nintendo had a repeat of that with Zelda: Breath of the wild... But such a thing hasn't happened for the Xbox One yet.

CGI-Quality said:

Although I'm getting a One X, this is very much my view as well. Without a clan of folks, I'd have no need for an Xbox this generation. I have a grand total of 3 physical games for the One I currently have and, as it stands, all future In-House Microsoft Studios titles are headed to PC. 

Criticism? Praise? I don't chase either term. I just know that I don't have many reasons left to own an Xbox. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen.

I own about 50~ Xbox One titles. I bought them not because they were exclusive. But because of convenience. It was great smashing out a game on PC, then wandering into the lounge room and playing that same game a little more casually.

I'll have the Xbox One X as well on release.

I really *do* wish that Microsoft had some real must-have exclusives though. I do play my PC more because. Well. It is superior in every way. That doesn't change with Scorpio either.

Errorist76 said:

Just confirming my stance that I had since 2 gens already, PC + PlayStation is the perfect combination.

It's great for PC gamers all XBox titles are now on PC. Just don't pretend it does XBox any favours.

Sadly the Windows Store exclusivity just hurts them as I mostly refuse to use this overpriced DRM shit. Just put it on Steam already.

Switch is the perfect complement.

I wouldn't say the Playstation+PC is the perfect combination...

The Playstation gets more exclusives than Xbox, sure. But there is a massive chunk of the Playstation 4's library that is on PC as well.
And this generation seems to be the worst for it... More games are simply coming to PC, even japanese games.

The Switch doesn't really have a games library at the moment. But if it is anything like Nintendo's past consoles, it's exclusive to multiplatform ratio's will be a little more favourable, mostly thanks to it's inferior hardware not being an attractive proposition for multiplats.

With exclusives, my opinion is that Sony has done an exceptionally good job the last few years. MS has done about the same as they always have. I think the play anywhere policy is great though.

In other words, I think we should be praising Sony for their good games, and praising MS for their pro-gamer policy.

VAMatt said:
With exclusives, my opinion is that Sony has done an exceptionally good job the last few years. MS has done about the same as they always have. I think the play anywhere policy is great though.

In other words, I think we should be praising Sony for their good games, and praising MS for their pro-gamer policy.

But the topic is about praising MS for non exclusivity, not praising Sony for having exclusives that are subjectively liked by others.

Also if we're to praise MS for their pro-gamer policy then where is Sony's?.


For me personally, it makes me less likely to buy a xbox and more likely to invest in a good PC. If the PC has exclusives and the xbox doesn't, why would I invest in an xbox?

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KLAMarine said:

I often come across the complaint that many XBox 1 games that would have otherwise been exclusives are also put on PC thus rendering them non-exclusives and I'm wondering why people complain?

Does a game being available on more than one platform not make it more readily available to people thus benefiting the consumer? Is the ability to play a game on more than one configuration not a good thing? PS4 and Switch exclusives can only be played on their respective platforms but with XBox1/PC, you have more choice.

Online gaming on PC is free last I checked so you don't even need to pay a subscription fee to play these games online. Microsoft undermines their own efforts to charge for online multiplayer by making their otherwise-XBox 1 exclusive games also available on PC.

Already got a gaming PC? Great! No need to buy an XBox 1 and we the consumers win but I cannot recall any time wherein Microsoft has received rightful praise for their pro-consumer policy of making their software available on XBox 1 AND PC rather than just locking their software to one box.


What's the deal with people complaining instead of praising?

It's not just people being mad that the games can be played on pc, it's the sheer number of exclusives that is flat out underwhelming AND the few that are available are not really exclusives. It's the double package that pisses people off.

Azzanation said:
Because apparently a consoles identity is more important than playing games.
Gamers need to learn that Xbox isnt a console anymore. It's a service, a ecosystem which isnt locked to a plastic box.
Whats even funnier is i hear/read gamers hate on Window 10 and its store yet jump for joy when big AAA games like Gears 4 is on it (Not on Steam)
Those thanking MS for saving them buying an Xbox. MS is thanking you for buying/using Windows 10. I mean honestly haha i face palm all the time reading comments like this "i hate MS/Xbox, there a greedy corporation.. whats this.. Forza Horizon 3 is on PC?!?! Sucked in MS..." haha.
The community is all over the place now.

Before Microsoft a consoles identity came from Exclusives. The proud individuality that separates one brand from another. Nintendo was the family gaming brand with games for all ages, sega did what nintnedont and provided games teens could enjoy. They ran the arcade scene. Sony killed the arcades and made the home the center of the living room for everything. Micorsoft finished what sega started but brought us into a realm where there is no identity for a console if people follow their lead.

That's backwards logic at it's best right there. Exclusives are the main reason why gamers choose one platform over the other. That's a fact. MS has likely lost interest in competing in the console gaming market. The only reason why MS would put it's xbox (devaluing the console) exclusives on win 10 is to incentivise people into getting win 10/using windows store to compete with steam. It's not a benefit at all for consumers because games bought from windows store can't be modded. PC gamers won't touch windows store because of that. /thread

So it's a good thing that I have zero concrete reasons to buy an Xbox over a Steam Link?

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Yes sure, platform holders should not make games anymore because this is unfair to people who buy other platforms?

How would a platform holdr have any expertise in making the platform any good? And who would handle the risk of making games to fill apparent gaps in game types on their platform?

Nintendo and sony make the games that define their platforms the most, both very differently and they bring pretty high quality content in their own therms, they make their respective platform unique with relevant titles for their audience.

MS wouldnt do that anyway, so they may as well keep going the forza/halo/gears in the holiday recepy that serve them so well... oh whait, they hold the least selling of he 3 main platforms now.

However everything would release in a future proof format, on PC (however not windows store as this is just like putting the game on another console, locked in entirely... users have zero way to make it work again if it becomes incompatible with the latest windows).

Those who see ms as benevolant in "saving" us from buying another box are just not getting what they are being led into, you would just not get any of those games either way, because the whole approach a platform holder takes when choosing which titles they will publish and which titles they wont is entirely different than ubisoft or ea way of minimizing risk.

Anyhow, it doesnt serve me if games all show up on pc some day, the experience on tv is just not interesting, i use it for rts and fps thats it.