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Who should Geralt make very nice sexy time with?

Triss 65 47.45%
Yennefer 72 52.55%

So I'm just starting The Witcher 3, and I know at some point I'm going to have to pick either of these characters to bang and stuff... but I'm no good at deciding! I've only played half of the first game, not touched the second game, instead I watched two videos which explain all the story and stuff I'll need so I should be good to go now... 

Who should I pick when the time comes? I'm sort of thinking Triss since they had a thing in the first game, and apparently Yennefer is a complete bitch throughout the game, but could go for Yennefer since afterall she IS Geralt's actual partner or whatever... before the whole amnesia shit, lol.

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Yennefer is more canon pick (Geralts true love in books), Triss is more game pick (she was his love in game). Putting aside books and games... You can bang Yen more often xD, her story is better, her character is better and she looks so damn good in game

And of course you can do both but sth funny will happen near end of main game ;p

Yennefer, you have the option but Yennefer is the "right" option. plus, her "I love you" scene is magical.

On the one hand, I find Yennefer to be the hotter of the two. On the other hand, Yennefer is a bit of a bitch in Witcher 3, so Triss is better choice if you actually care about Geralt and not just the sex scenes lol. It's funny, back in the Witcher 2 days I couldn't stand Triss, she seemed weak as a sorceress and I didn't like how she backedstabbed her friend by hooking up with Geralt when she knew Geralt had amnesia, but she is much stronger in Witcher 3, and way nicer to Geralt than Yennefer is.

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Triss is my pick, but Yenn is the one an author would pick because opposites attract and drama.

If you don't pick Yennefer, you are not my friend anymore.


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I prefer Triss. The way I see it, the books and the games are two different beasts, so what is considered 'canon' doesn't really apply in this case. I have completed the game two times, the first time I picked Yen and the second time Triss. Sure Yennefer has her moments, but to me Triss seemed more natural and a MUCH better person. Also, she is a redhead so that's a big plus for me :)  (I have more reasons than that, but I don't want to potentially spoil anything)

Yennifer is the wifey. Triss is the girlfriend with her whole life ahead of her.

Yennefer is supposed to be the "right" one story-wise, but she annoys the living crap out of me in ways I cant quite put into words so Triss is always my choice.


Plus redheaded girls are just superior beings, closer to perfection than any other.