Do you think Crash N-Sane trilogy could appear on the Switch?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you think Crash N-Sane trilogy could appear on the Switch?

Most of the leaks about leaving PS exclusivity are on the X-Box. But being a platformer, Activision can't really think it wouldn't sell on the Switch. 



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God I hope so. It's really looking like a timed exclusive, and it's not like it couldn't run on the Switch either, seeing as it runs on the Skylanders engine and all. Since it's a platformer I could easily see it selling better on the Switch than the Xbox One too, especially if there's people who own both a PS4 and a Switch and want to double dip for a portable version.

It could, and would be a smart move considering Crash Bandicoot games historically doing quite well on Nintendo handhelds. Crash is already on the Switch in Skylander Imaginators anyways, so if the Switch becomes so much of a success to a point were 3rd party's can't ignore it any chance they've got a game they could put on it, if not this game because it is exclusive, possibly a totally brand new Crash game.

Considering that Crash is Activision's IP, I would say that's possible.

I don't expect it, but it would be nice.

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I think it will happen, there are too many potential sales on Switch for Crash not to release on it

Seems more likely than Xbox. Guess it depends on what kind of relationship activision would want with switch.

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could it? Yes. Will it? Probavly not.

It would be a far better fit on Switch than Xbone but that hasn't stopped other companies from completely missing their opportunity.

Never thought of that as I imagined the games were owned by Sony but it would be cool for sure. I never played those games on the PSX.

Only runs at 30fps on PS4, Switch version if it did happen would need downgrades.

I think it's unlikely.

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