Seems that Platinum Games is teasing Bayonetta 1+2 for Switch

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Good keep bringing them wii u games to the switch


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I hate this idea that the amazing games formerly on the Wii U, that Nintendo and other companies devoted time and money too and most likely never made it back due to the failure of said system, should not port them, or in Nintendo's case port with additional content.
One, it gives more to the Switch's library of games, making for a more robust variety of games on it.
Two, it allows new players to play them that have skipped the prior system.
Three, it makes money for said companies.
Last, it is not one bit different from the Xbox 360 - Xbox one or the PS3 - PS4 transition, count the first year Definitive Editions on those two systems.

Why hate systems that bring you great games?

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yes i would get this as i skipped getting it on wii u..now they need to port color splash, smash bros, shit port the entire wii u library if you can(yeh i dont care who wii u owners who feel burnt shit i am still a wii u owner also)

twintail said:
Theres no way SEGA allows Bayo 3 to be exclusive, or they really are idiots.

I mean, SEGA would put a ballet dress on Sonic and make him say stuff like "Bush did 9/11" for the right price, it's not a matter of bein idiots, it's a matter of SEGA's price and how popular SEGA thinks Bayonetta can get

StarOcean said:
To this day, I cannot unsee Bayonetta as Sarah Palin

yes, she is.

Would be nice to see, Bayo 2 was good, but sold pretty badly, so maybe it will do better on the Switch

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I'd rather they work on porting NieR Automata.

Dulfite said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

How the heck is it offensive? The only thing I can think of is her outfit.

I'm a Christian and the plotline basically states God is some lunatic child monster who is a nature of force and a whole bunch of other things that basically shows this designer twisted abrahamic religions into his own sick way.

It's a joke though..

Yes, please!
And can we get Bayonetta 3 along with them?

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Those images seem a bit confusing to me. So, it's either Platinum asking what games they want for Switch or [someone asking] if they were willing to port those games?

Either way, i can't see how this means Platinum is teasing anything, let alone Bayonetta (there are more games there!).

This news generated a buzz big enough to convince Platinum to start porting the two games on Switch even if it wasn't in their plans and if their post wasn't meant to be a tease...