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Mar1217 said:
alejollorente10 said:
Finally tomorrow I will have my Nintendo Switch. I am very excited! This comes with Smash and Rocket League but before I had bought some more games (strange as it sounds)

I did bought Xenoblade X before I even had a WiiU, not so strange as you might think ;)

Congrats on your new console too ! (Will you buy BoTW with it ?)

No, I had it on Wii U and I played it over 200 hours and it is possibly my favorite game of all time. I plan to buy it in Switch but later, I will give priority to new games.

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I don't quite understand what they mean when Nintendo had Retro work on Metroid and Donkey Kong because they knew how to make games Japanese devs can't make.

Some days I just blow up.

Still gonna wait on DF, but from first impressions it looks like Redout on Switch turned out alright after all:

Makes me crave a new F-Zero even more now.

Some days I just blow up.


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Wyrdness said:

Disappointing. -_-

Some days I just blow up.

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct! It looks pretty damn cool!

Also, sorry for being so inactive lately. I recently started a new job and have had some ongoing personal family issues that I've been dealing with, just a lot going on. Trying to be a bit more active nowadays!

The 3D World style in Mario Maker 2 shows just how lazy the developers of NSMBU were.

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Ok, for those Nintendo music enthusiasts looking to listen some extended tracks on BrawlBRSTMs3 X(Most prolific VGM Nintendo uploader on Youtube), I've got some sad news.
It seems like Nintendo has finally sent a warning for him to delete all(or most) of his Nintendo related music content on his channel which means the lost of a TON of VGM tracks from various games and franchises that we could previously listen to on Youtube with high quality sound definition.

Now, with Nintendo new open policies on Youtube that's definitely weird.
But seriously, why only now ?!

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