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Are you getting Smash Ultimate?

Yes, at launch (no pre-order) 6 17.14%
Yes, at launch (pre-order) 17 48.57%
Yes, but past launch day 5 14.29%
No, but maybe in the future 1 2.86%
No, not interested 6 17.14%

           Welcome to the official Nintendo nation thread, otherwise known as NintenDominion! This thread is for all things Nintendo: Switch, 3DS, Mobile, or otherwise. Feel free to chat about the latest games, post the latest news, or organize an online play session with our other members! Anyone willing to volunteer their help is welcomed! If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations about the changes feel free to respond. Also feel free to join us in the Nintendo channel at the Official VGC Discord Server!


Post 1 - Latest News, Current Tourney, eShop Top 10

Post 2 - Latest Games, Upcoming Games, User Reviews

Post 3 - Tournaments, Friend Codes

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None currently scheduled. Suggest in-thread if you have a game in mind!

Updates Every Week (Updated as of: 11/4/2018)

# North America Europe Japan
1 Diablo III Eternal Collection (NEW) Diablo III Eternal Collection (NEW) Puyo Puyo e Sports (NEW)
2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Pre-Order)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Pre-Order) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Pre-Order)
3 Super Mario Party
Super Mario Party Super Mario Party
4 Dark Souls Remastered
Minecraft Minecraft
5 Undertale Dark Souls Remastered Undertale
6 Minecraft
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! (Pre-Order)
7 Stardew Valley
Hollow Overcooked! 2
8 Hollow Knight
Bulb Boy
Dark Souls Remastered
9 StarLink: Battle for Atlas
Brakes Are For Losers
Minna de Kuuki Yomi
10 My Hero One's Justice (NEW)
Stardew Valley
Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso (NEW)
11 Just Dance 2019 (NEW)
Golf Story Stardew Valley
12 Golf Story
Oxenfree Human Fall Flat
13 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! (Pre-Order)
Surgeon Simulator CPR Phantasy Star (NEW)
14 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! (Pre-Order)
Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! (Pre-Order)
15 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +
Ultimate Chicken Horse
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Send us your threads where you've reviewed Nintendo games and we'll link them here!

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[Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Rules]


Next thing to do is for the host to create a room, then the opponent joins that room. The host will select the first stage, though be sure to check the banned stage list. The matches will be 3 stocks, 8 minutes, no items. Upon the conclusion of the match, the loser will decide on the next stage. It sounds simple, because it really is. Other than the Mii Fighters, no characters are banned (so DLC characters are NOT banned) but custom moves ARE banned.

Keep in mind that not everyone has paid DLC stages, so if both players do not have DLC stages, they can NOT be used.

The tournament is "split" into groups (number of groups depends on the amount of players). Each group member plays against each other in a round robin fashion; the top player(s) of each group progress to the single elimination bracket. Keep in mind that all normal matches are best of 3, while Grand Finals will be best of 5.

Matches can be done any time of the day once the tourney officially begins, but be sure to complete your matches in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will lead to an automatic forfeit.

Be sure to post your match results in the thread, so that the bracket can be updated quickly.

That might all be a lot to take in, but rest assured when we the tournament is underway, it'll all make sense. Just focus on your match and let us worry about everything else. For now, we'll stick with 1v1, but in the future, 2v2 matches are not out of the equation.

Good luck! But most importantly, have fun!

Banned Stages:
Big Battlefield
Bridge of Eldin
Flat Zone X
Garden of Hope
Gaur Plain
Great Cave Offensive
Jungle Hijinks
Kalos Pokemon League
Kongo Jungle 64
Luigi's Mansion
Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit (Brawl)
Mushroom Kingdom U
Palutena's Temple
Port Town Aero Dive
Wii Fit Studio
Wily's Castle
Windy Hill Zone
Wrecking Crew

[In Thread Rules]


[Mario Kart 8 Rules]

Depending on the amount of users that join, one of two things can happen. When there are less than 12 players, we will host a room and you can just join. In the case of many players, you will have to join both of our rooms. We will post for which user to join. For both methods, you will have to add my/Ultrashroomz NNID, but you do not have to add everyone's NNID. Please post and show up 10 minutes before the starting time, so we can begin on schedule. Results are determined by your overall score of every race.

Tournament game rules include: Easy Coms, Normal Items, All Vehicles, No Teams and 150cc/200cc (depending on interest)

If something happens, and  you can't take part, don't just "not show up". Please inform us beforehand so we aren't waiting if at all possible. Repeated missing of the tourneys will mean automatic exclusion from any future tourneys, and your points total to be reset to zero.

Most important thing as usual is to have fun, but do try your best!

[In Thread Rules]


[Spratooon Rules]

The August Update finally allows for private lobbies, so you know what that means! Splatoon Tournaments! ...well not really. Tournaments have not worked well so game mode has been reverted! In other words, Splatoon Events will not be Tournaments, but instead will be a group meet up via private lobbies.

Basically, like all other events, all you need to do is to sign up with your NNID, friend the person(s) hosting the event and show up on time! So yes, Show Up On Time and you are good to go! If you are unable to make it, then please let us know in advance! 
Under normal circumstances, the hoster will be either be Ultrashroomz, Conegamer and/or Platina.

Depending on the number of participants, there will be either one or two groups. If there are two groups, you will then be designated to one of two groups. BE SURE TO JOIN THE GROUP YOU WERE ASSIGNED TO! 

Nothing is banned for Splatoon Events use your best build! You can also switch weapons and gear between battles so feel free to change them when you like. Since this is not a tournament, all modes and stages may be played, depending on the hoster, or what you request to play during the event.

All participants will receive 4 points, rather than 3, so be sure to join. Like always have fun!

[In Thread Rules]

[Pokemon X / Pokemon Y Rules]

Just say in the thread that you want to join, along with your friend code and you'll be added to the list. For this first tourney, we'll be doing a round-robin event. Namely, that means everyone will play everyone else, so it should be a level playing field as opposed to what would eventually be the two best players fighting each other straight away. Then, the top 4 or so people (depending on how many people take part, this number could change) will progress further, and the person who won the most will play the person who won the least (who get through, so 4th) and so on, and then the winners here will play each other for overall victory! Simple, really.

Note however that, if you break one of these rules, you will be immediately removed from the tourney, not allowed to play in future tourneys, and your points total will be reset to zero. So please follow them!
ALL Pokemon are Level 50 and you get to have 6 Pokemon in your party. No item duplicates allowed.

Banned Pokemon (Pokemon World Tournament Format)
Deoxys (all formes)
Giratina (all formes)
Keldeo (all forms)
Kyurem (all variations)
Meloetta (all formes)
Shaymin (all formes)

[Pokken Tournament Rules]

The tournament will either be done in round robin fashion, with the top players advancing into a single elimination bracket, or a single elimination bracket only, depending on the amount of players.

The first player to win best of three games wins, and moves on in the tourney (a single game is best of three rounds.) In grand finals, the first player to win best of five games will be declared the winner. Be sure to post your match results in the thread, so that the bracket can be updated quickly.

To battle your opponent, go to online battle, then go to friendly match, and then set your opponent to "friend." One person will make a VS code and then share it to your opponent in the thread.

Players are allowed to switch their player Pokemon and assist Pokemon between games. No Pokemon or Assists are banned

Matches can be done any time of the day once the tourney officially begins, but be sure to complete your matches in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will lead to an automatic forfeit.

Good luck and have fun!


If you want your Switch Friend Code or 3DS Friend Code added, just ask in the thread!

Username 3DS FC Switch FC
Acevil   0194-4214-5242
ARamdomGamer 0404-6513-2790  
b00moscone 4613-6380-5406  
Cloudman 2079-6465-2991 8406-7840-3452
Cubedramirez   5584-7699-6287
cycycychris 3222-6372-3039 4776-7374-6594
Darwinianevolution   6643-8347-2601
episteme 2793-0584-1602  
forest-spirit   5328-3188-2214
gabzjmm23 3024-8558-9753  
green_sky 4184-2908-6080  
Hynad   3519-6016-4122
Johnw1104 4656-8092-5189  
John19 0275-8677-1134 7742-0238-8897
Mike321 2895-8773-2414  
OTBWY   0512-0677-8024
PixelPerfect 1504-6219-1119  
Raven   0519-8795-5390
Salnax 1977-0191-0177  
segamaniaco   0979-5429-2091
Skullwaker 3454-1897-5584  
SkyerIst_Huiesos   4270-1889-2005
Slarvax 0173-1500-9032  
Stellar_Fungk 2337-5145-7843  
strider9981   4075-9631-2912
super_etecoon   2390-8226-3819
thetonestarr   5120-1900-6153
tsogud 5412-9980-3542  
Ultrashroomz 4124-5089-5257  0731-6937-5596
uran10 1908-2240-2233 2328-5563-4997
Veknoid_Outcast   3446-8211-9133
Versus_Evil   3181-3114-4642
WhiteEaglePL 3153-4071-1007  
zygote   4566-2645-6985
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