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Which is your perfect duo?

PC/PS4 57 21.59%
PS4/XB1 5 1.89%
PC/NS 67 25.38%
PS4/NS 119 45.08%
XB1/NS 10 3.79%
PC/XB1 6 2.27%

I have a PS4, XBO, and Switch. But if I had to pick two, I would probably go with the PS4 & Switch. I would greatly miss Halo, but the PS4 simply has far more exclusives that interest me, and I can never pass up on a Nintendo console.

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I'm getting an NS before the PS4 so
XBO/NS for me. Have a PC to but Xbox and Nintendo consoles go first.

Gosh, that is such a hard pick. One of them would definitely be the SNES. With the other one, maybe a PS2, or a Wii maybe..?



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Dreamcast & SNES. Saturn is barely edged out.

I can't decide between PS4 and Switch for the partner to PC. PC is easily #1, but it's much harder to decide which one deserves #2. Right now, PS4 is probably the safer bet, but in the long run, the situation could change. Hard to tell though, since unfortunately I have very little experience with Nintendo.

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PC and NS

I'm surprised we had a couple of XB1/PC votes. It stayed at 0 for so long I didn't think it would happen as I see it as getting an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7+.

PS4 and PC gaming


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PC+NS+PS4 for me.

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At the moment I have perfect combo: PC, PS4 and NS, but If I had choose I would go for PC/NS duo. As much as I love PS4 exclusives, it cannot replace PCs versatility + massive library and NS's portability.

PC and Nintendo, always. You get most multiplatform games on PC, plus several exclusives, and you get all of Nintendos exclusives, which are the best 1st party games there is.

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