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Mr.GameCrazy said:
OTBWY said:

I don't know what data you're going by, but the most top 10 most highest rated games lists are dominated by Nintendo.

He's going by last generation (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii). Strangely, he doesn't include Sony and Nintendo's handhelds (PSP and DS).

several problems with lumping them together.

Handheld and console generations don't run parallel to eachother.

Handheld games have cheaper prices and lower standards and are rated accordingly. 

MS does not partake in Handheld market so there's nothing to compare with.

in conclusion, they're seperate markets so let's keep it that way. Just look at this very site you're on, the marketshare for consoles and handhelds is tracked seperately as it should be.

P.S. just took a quick look at DS games' rating and it looks extemely underwhelming, Nintendo still won't come out ahead of Sony even if you lumped them together.