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Bloodborne 220 16.58%
Nioh 23 1.73%
Until Dawn 20 1.51%
Splatoon 407 30.67%
Horizon Zero Dawn 476 35.87%
The Wonderful 101 24 1.81%
Arms 23 1.73%
Watch Dogs 10 0.75%
Sunset Overdrive 35 2.64%
Other 89 6.71%

This generation has had a lot of cool new IP's. Which is the best one you've played? I'm including Switch in this as well to prevent a discussion about what this generation means which is not what this thread is about. So vote for your favourites and if you have a different choice you can comment here. Even if you have any of the given choices you can go into the details of what made them the best new IP, and also comment all of the new IP's youve played this generation.

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It's between Bloodborne or Horizon Zero Dawn.

It's between Bloodborne or Horizon Zero Dawn.

And Shovel Knight.



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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sunset Overdrive

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Waiting to finish Breath of the Wild before I dive into Horizon so my vote isn't entirely fair, but I'm a huge fan of Splatoon, so I'll have to give my vote to that as of now.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a good one.