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Do you think there will be a new dedicated handheld?

Yes 39 22.81%
No 118 69.01%
See Results 14 8.19%
ktay95 said:
Has anybody mentioned the Switch yet??

Only the majority of responses.

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Here's the direct successor to the 3DS:

trent44 said:

Multiple revisions of the Switch are replacing the 3DS.

Already, quite a few people choose the current Nintendo Switch over their own 3DS to take on the go.

Here are some ideas:

Switch Mini design is something similar I think Nintendo will go with first, probably 4-5" display, end of 2018. or 2019. price point around $200.

It would certainly be called Wii 3DS U n They 2 and would release with 1-2-3DS (spiritual successor of 1-2-Switch). Would feature glass free 3D, NFC, geomagnetic sensors, infrared, gyroscope, accelerometer, HD rumble, a touchpad, rainbow like leds, 2 3D face camera with iris detection, 3D/force touch and a fingerprint sensor for an automatic and safe login.

It would feature 2 new top of the line Vega and i7700k because it also needs to have a good price point, which would be only $99 at launch, dropping to $19 one year after. It would have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Splatoon, Arms, Ice Climbers, Mother 4, 5 and 6, CoD, Fifa, Madden, Just Dance, Rayman, The Elder Scrolls, GTA and Half Life 3 as exclusives on the first year too.

Some people would still complain if it had a "Nintendo" name on it so I would change it to Futendo to prevent this problem.

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gatito said:
Here's the direct successor to the 3DS:

The resemblance to the Game Boy Advance successor is uncanny. 

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- Something more powerful than the Vita
- Something that can be played on TV as well
- Something that can get a few third party on indie games.

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The New 3DS was it and it sucked.

Should have had double the resolution and power at par or better than Wii.

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Yeah, it's not happening guys. The 3DS will get Game Boy'd.

Soundwave said:
Take Switch.

Die Shrink to 14nm.

Shave off black bezels.


so its a switch revision?

Ok so to stay in line with the DS/3DS...

-Two SD screens
-Subpar graphics
-Awful ergonomy
-outdated OS

But seriously, same architecture and games as the switch, but you throw out the joycons, make it smaller, smaller screen but still 720p, lighter, cheaper (199$)